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Surprise, Surprise: A CGI Paddington Bear Looks Disturbing In The ‘Paddington’ Trailer

In an effort to ensure that no element of your childhood be without a move based on that element, The Weinstein Company gives us Paddington, a live-action/CGI film that follows around that marmalade-lovin’ ursine bastard. The film is of course based on the children’s book A Bear Called Paddington.

He’s voiced by Colin Firth, who is pretty much a less furry Paddington bear in human form anyway.

Lest you treat this film as optional viewing, its release date is December 25th, 2014…so you WILL SEE THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND IT WILL BE PLEASANT.

Because we all know the lowest common denominators among families during the holidays are Colin Firth and cartoon British bears.

That’s not up for discussion.

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