Surprise, Surprise: A CGI Paddington Bear Looks Disturbing In The 'Paddington' Trailer

I don't remember him sticking his face in so many toilets in the books. In an effort to ensure that no element of your childhood be without a move based on that element, The Weinstein Company gives us Paddington, a live-action/CGI film that follows around that marmalade-lovin' ursine bastard. The film is of course based on the children's book A Bear Called Paddington. He's voiced by Colin Firth, who is pretty much a less furry Paddington bear in human form anyway. Lest you treat this film as optional viewing, its release date is December 25th, you WILL SEE THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND IT WILL BE PLEASANT. Because we all know the lowest common denominators among families during the holidays are Colin Firth and cartoon British bears. That's not up for discussion.

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'Paddington' Trailer Light On The Scares This Time

Ooooohhhh..... It's for kids. October is the month to sink into movie theater chairs and watch disturbing images of the macabre from behind our fingers. In keeping with this spirit, we have the full trailer for Paddington. Ben Whishaw replaces Colin Firth as the voice of the bear with the remorseless, glass eyes in this fun romp for the entire family. Here Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville plays the British version of Charles Grodin's character from Beethoven, when a ragamuffin bear house guest turns his life and home upside down. Despite revealing all the major events of the film in this trailer, it's looks like perfectly suitable holiday entertainment and not the horrific psychological thriller it was originally perceived to be. Though, you can expect a horror recut of this trailer in... 5... 4... 3...


The First 'Ted 2' Trailer Is Almost Un-Bear-Able

WHY MORGAN FREEMAN. WHY?! By Jared Jones If the first poster for Ted 2 hadn't already convinced you that we'd be in for a much lazier affair this time around, then the first trailer for Seth MacFarlane's latest "effort" has arrived to erase all doubts. Fans of extremely broad comedy, rejoice! Semen jokes, slapstick humor, Facebook jokes, and horrific Boston accents are in no short supply in the Ted 2 trailer, which was released earlier today. Worse yet, Mila Kunis is out, and in her place is a Amanda Seyfried playing a lawyer named Sam L. Jackson. You get it? Because that's a famous black guy's name! Oh, the absurdity of it all!! As an unapologetic Family Guy fan who was pleasantly surprised by the first Ted flick, even I found myself cringing my way through most of this. The idea of Ted settling down and being forced to prove that he's human in order to have a child isn't exactly the worst idea for a sequel, but right around the moment they started throwing cookies into a blind guy's asscrack, I suddenly lost interest. Also, WHY MORGAN FREEMAN. WHY?! So yeah, Ted 2 may very well prove that its predecessor was more of a lightning in a bottle situation than anything else. It will also earn no less than $200 million domestic, so there's that.


Japanese Game Show Pits Woman Against Bear

Best game ever. Sex Box, the game show where couples have sex in a box while perverts listen in, didn't really set American television audiences on fire, but are our shores ready for Bear Box? The clip above is reportedly from a Japanese game show called Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q!, and the segment is known as "Predator Shield." A woman is sealed in a large glass box which is being battered, pushed, and rolled by a giant grizzly bear. I have no idea how one wins this game, but I smell a hit. And what about Celebrity Bear Box? Who wouldn't tune in to see Bret Michaels fight a bear? We'll be printing money. Someone get me Mark Burnett and a bear owner on the phone.


Wanna See Billy Bob Thornton Fight A 'Grizzly' Bear?

Yeah, you do. This May, Billy Bob Thornton's career takes another strange turn as he ventures out into the wilds of Alaska to kill an angry grizzly bear. Thornton is part of the ensemble of bear victims lead by James Marsden, Thomas Jane, and Piper Perabo who face a giant bear on its own turf in Grizzly. In order to save a friend who has ventured into the bear's territory, a sheriff, his estranged brother, an expert bear hunter, and a cast of disposable characters enter the Grizzly Maze, where no one has been none to come out of alive. For whatever reason, they didn't bring along a bazooka.


The 'Yogi Bear' Trailer Will Make You Sad

Watching the Yogi Bear trailer made me sad. I'm not sure if it's because I'm too old to appreciate the film, or because a beloved memory from my childhood is getting its proverbial "bikini area" fondled by CGI, but something was amiss. Funnyman Dan Aykroyd's name in the credits only added to the malaise. But the final straw was the "in 3D" message toward the end. Well, that or the crappy rap song in the background. But hey, I don't want to oversell this thing. Check out the cool new trailer for yourself! (Collider) Get sad with the Yogi Bear trailer after the jump...


Chris Rock Is A Machine Gun Sprayin' Bear In 'Top Five' Trailer

Hammy Time! In Top Five, Chris Rock's character just wants to be funny again. It looks like he's got his wish. Here he stars as a former standup turned movie star thanks to the outrageously successful Hammy The Bear series of action films. Despite his fame, fortune, and hanger-on reality star wife, Rock's character feels disconnected but finds himself being reinvigorated when Rosario Dawson's TIME reporter shadows him for a cover story and helps him rediscover his roots. And also admit that LL Cool J is almost as good as Biggie. Now that's funny. The movie was a huge hit at TIFF last month, and was snatched up by Paramount for seven figures in a bidding war. The film opens in December and we'll hopefully get a Hammy the Bear spin-off in 2016. Luis Guzman could use a hit.


Full Length 'True Grit' Trailer Is Intense, Features Bear On A Horse

What is this? 'The Wicker Man'? Hot on the heels of last week's True Grit teaser comes the full length jump off. This time around we see a lot more of Bridges's Cogburn, Damon's La Beouf, and Brolin's cowardly Chaney. We also see someone dressed as a bear on horseback. What kind of crazy scheme are they trying to pull? LA BEOUF: Alright. When Chaney sees me approach dressed as a bear, he'll think I'm just after his pic-a-nic basket. That's when we take him in. Female bear with a bow in her hair mounts La Beouf. Cue "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." COCKBURN: Ah, raped by a bear. Seen it hundreds o' times. Tis a shame. Note that I haven't read the script, so the events detailed above may not actually happen. Check out the full length trailer after the jump...