Supercut: Greatest Movie T-Shirts Ever

I will have to dock points for not including Wooderson's Ted Nugent t-shirt or the one the bad guy wears in 'Kuffs'. They mostly nailed it. From 'Moustache Rides' to 'What Are You Looking At, Dicknose?' All of your favorites are here. Though I will have to dock points for not including Wooderson's Ted Nugent t-shirt or the one the bad guy wears in Kuffs.

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Nothing Is Sacred To Ke$ha, Including 'Cinderella'

Ke$ha's a real terror, ain't she? She's fine with desecrating everything we find near and dear and familiar, and Walt Disney classics are no exception. Ke$ha's a real terror, ain't she? From glitter, to ripped t-shirts, to mundane tasks like brushing your teeth (seriously? Jack Daniels? Your molars are going to fall out of your skull!), she's fine with desecrating everything we find near and dear and familiar, and Walt Disney classics are no exception. She has partnered with the good folks at Funny or Die to unleash her own personal brand of hell onto Cinderella. The concept and execution are strong enough to distract from the fact that you're watching a video starring Ke$ha. And that is a commendable feat. NSFW, sort of. Less NSFW if you wear headphones at work. (Vulture)


New 'Side Effects' Trailer Includes Horniness And Murder

Why do the best drugs always turn us into horny murderers? When Channing Tatum discovers his wife Rooney Mara's brain is broken, he sends her to Dr. Jude Law who prescribes her an experimental drug. At first, Channing Tatum is all happy because the pill makes her happy and good at sex stuff, but then people start getting murdered. And then she maybe does or does not start having sex with Dr. Jude Law. And then Catherine Zeta-Jones is all like, "I'm wearing glasses!" More or less.


Supercut: Conan Points Out That Harrison Ford Points A Lot

That's how you know he's acting at you. Harrison Ford is arguably Conan O'Brien's best/weirdest guest (three-way tie with Ted Danson and John Tesh) and so, it's always delightful when he stops by. On his most recent appearance, Conan pointed out that like Denzel's "guarantee" and Natalie Portman's sobbing, Ford also has a go-to acting move: thrusting his index finger in the face of his adversaries whether male, female, or giant slug puppet. Harrison Ford's 'I'm being serious now' finger does not discriminate.


If You Do The Math, Ted Mosby's A Real Slut

His foreskin's been pushed back more often than the point to his story. For the last 100 years we've listened to Ted Mosby try to get to point of his story and tell his children how he met their mother. In that time, he's focused on every single other piece he's gotten. Seriously, his foreskin's been pushed back more often than the point of his story. The kid's don't need to know all that. Pretty inappropriate, right? Especially if you ask the woman who ends up marrying Ted and mothering his children. If you listen to the "romantic" adventures of Ted Mosby from her perspective, dude's a slut. Watch as the Mother runs through the list;  random skanks, married women, a stripper, a prostitute, a former Canadian pop star. They should dedicate a season to Ted getting checked out at the clinic (as long as he doesn't try to sleep with the nurses). (The Daily Beast)


Money Is The Point In Extended 'Better Call Saul' Preview

This trailer meets the requisite amount of getting-beat-up-in-the-desert scenes. While this extended preview of the Breaking Bad spin-off series, Better Call Saul, doesn't delve into the events that have caused Saul to age backwards like Benjamin Button, it does give us a good look at what we can expect. We'll be seeing another character's descent into corruption. But with more jokes this time. In this extended preview, we see the early days of Jimmy McGinty as his money problems plant the seed for his later corruption. It also serves as a reminder to always be kind to your parking attendant. You never know when they could actually be trained killers. Better Call Saul premieres on February 8th. Followed by a new episode of recap series, Saul Train.


'Breaking Bad' Featurette Will Remind You Why You Love 'Breaking Bad'

It's almost here! It's almost here! AMC just released a fun little featurette that manages to have somehow raise my anticipation for Breaking Bad season 4 without divulging a single plot point. The various characters discuss the themes of the season, which seem to simply be amplifications of the themes of every season: Jesse's in a dark, sad place; Walt becomes almost 100% criminal, Skyler develops a taste for the lifestyle. Essentially, all this featurette really does is remind us of two things: all the different trajectories that were established over the first 3 seasons, and how well Breaking Bad tells those stories. It doesn't take much to get fans of the show excited for the new season. How do I know? Because these featurette gives us virtually nothing but a great reminder, and I'm excited.


Arnie Returns Tough As Nails In 'The Last Stand' Trailer

He is back. If anyone thought that politics made Arnold Schwarzenegger soft...yeah, maybe. But private live in Brentwood has brought the action-film icon back to his old self, if this trailer is to be believed. And why wouldn't you believe a red-band trailer? The film comes from South Korean director Kim Ji-woon, who scared the bejesus out of us with I Saw the Devil, so those who are quick to dismiss this film as mindless action might want to take in a screening of that before being so quick to judge. But before you go to your local video store (HA!), check out the trailer for The Last Stand.