SUPERCUT!: Every 'W' Word In 'Django Unchained'

It's their burden. I don't know why, but this happened. Someone pieced together every reference to white people in Django. Is it a commentary on discrimination? Reverse discrimination? Reverse-reverse discrimination? NO. that would just be regular discrimination, I think. I don't know, and now my nose is bleeding. While I go get a Kleenex, please watch this, and let us know your theories in the comments. Or rent a plane and sky-write that shit.

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More Murder-y Hijinks In New 'Django Unchained' Spot

It's like 'Shanghai Noon' minus the karate. In a minute long spot for this holiday season's bloodiest buddy comedy romp, we get a better look at the madcap adventures of Jamie Foxx's Django and Christoph Waltz's bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz. That's some pretty wacky gangland-style killing. We haven't seen an Old West duo so mismatched since Shanghai Noon. We also get a look at Samuel L. Jackson outfitted to resemble Latter Years Louis Armstrong. Sadly, he doesn't even attempt to do the voice.


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Movie Commentary Is Way More Entertaining Than His Movies

He explains 'Total Recall' for you, in case you have trouble following Arnold Schwarzenegger films. I wish there was a button on my computer that let me write with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. Sadly, the technology just isn't there yet, so please just run a loop of Arnie quotes through your head as you read this. May I suggest "Get your ass to Mars," "It's not a tumor," and "Get to the chopper!" Some gentleman with the YouTube handle of "buzzclikverifyme" went through the trouble (pleasure?) of piecing together some choice bits from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall commentary. The commentary also features another bizarrely awesome accent, which I am going to assume belongs to Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. I can't do the clip justice. Simply put, it's Arnie pointing out painfully obvious points about the film (especially to those who like the film enough to want to watch the commentary). Take four minutes out of your life and enjoy this clip that reminds us that we can't stay mad at Arnold. (Film Drunk)


Watch Stephen Hawking Be All Like "Hey Girl" In 'The Theory Of Everything' Biopic Trailer

Stephen Hawking: Dreamboat Previously on Screen Junkies, I was a dick when making jokes about Stephen Hawking crying after viewing the movie based on his life, The Theory of Everything. And now that there's a trailer, I was prepared to do all that again, however, something happened. While watching it, I experienced a feeling that definitely tickled the squirt holes in the corners of my eyes. I'd argue that its very dusty in here and maybe some dust was causing this but the truth is that I just vacuumed. The film looks gorgeous and gives a glimpse of two souls designed for one another as they face overwhelming adversity to open our understanding of existence. Now I'm here thinking about how someday we'll all be dead and I spend my own existence watching videos of little girls singing about poop. My biopic is going to suck.