Super Violent, Cat-Filled Remake Of 'The Raid' Warrants Your Attention

Why aren't you watching?! Here is Gareth Evans's f*cking sweet action thriller The Raid: Redemption recreated using claymation cats. And blood. Lots and lots of blood. (ClayCats)

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It's The International Trailer For 'The Raid 2: More Hitting'

Seriously, use your words. Looking to liven up the franchise with its sequel, The Raid 2 is pulling an Ernest and going to jail. This time around, our hero is sent to jail to beat up a ton of dudes because nobody hugs it out in these movies. The success of the first film has afforded a bigger budget this time around which of course is spent on bats and pick axes and a wide array of various weapons, because sometimes your foot can get sore from all that kicking, y'know.


Weep Joyfully At Pixar’s ‘Up’ Recreated Using 1960s Movie Clips

Spencer Tracy plays Carl Fredricksen, complete with giant hipster old person glasses, in this expertly-done recreation of the 'Up' trailer story using live action film footage. Here's the internet mashup that'll make you cry. Well, it'll make you cry if you remember watching the original Up, and I don't think there was a dry pair of 3D glasses in the theater I was in after Ellie kicks the bucket. From Ivan Guerrero, the maker of "Ghostbusters Trailer Recreated Using Old Movie Clips" and "Empire Strikes Back Trailer Recreated Using Old Movie Clips" comes, wait for it, "Up Trailer Recreated Using Old Movie Clips." Spencer Tracy plays Carl Fredricksen, complete with giant hipster old person glasses, in this expertly-done "premake" of Pixar's story using live action film footage. They even managed to find a solid look-alike for Kevin the Freaky-Ass Looking Bird. Next, someone will probably swede Guerrero's remake trailers, and after that, the universe collapses in on itself. (Vulture)


'Parks And Recreation' Gets You Excited With Some Olympics-Themed Promos

Yes, I know the Olympics are over, but it's 'Parks and Rec', so we cut them some slack. Can Tom Haverford pin Ron Swanson in the wrestling event? Spoiler: Absolutely not. But if that sounds like something you might be interested, you will probably want to watch this video. And if you are on board with the video, you'll almost certainly just fall in love with the two videos that are located right here. It's over a month before we'll see Parks and Recreation coming back, so trust need this.