Super Bowl Movie Ad Bonanza: Robots And Superheroes

Super Bowl ads, BYOG (Bring Your Own Guacamole) If you're watching tonight's Super Bowl, you may have noticed a few "commercial breaks," which are interruptions in the football game designed to sell products, which in turn pays for the game's being broadcast on television. This system of "TV advertising" has long gone both unnoticed and unremarked upon by Super Bowl viewers. During these breaks, there were several commercials advertising some big movies, including one for Cowboys & Aliens. Anyway, here are some Super Bowl ads for Thor, Captain America, and Transformers 3. Be sure to buy lots of concessions when you go see these movies in the theater as a result of seeing them here - the studios spent a lot of money on these:

Transformers 'Dark of The Moon' Super Bowl Trailer (720p) from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.