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‘Super 8′ Super Pack: New Clip, New Pics, New iPhone App

Whatever you do, keep thinking about Super 8, the new J.J. Abrams movie produced by Steven Spielberg. I know it’s easy to forget movie releases that throw pics and clips at you pretty much every day, but in case Schwarzenegger‘s secret kid is pushing Super 8’s June 10th release date temporarily out of your head, here’s some more preview stuff.

Above is a new clip, featuring the children of Super 8 doing what they do best: running and screaming. They also have a car apparently, which is pretty badass. Below are two new pictures of the kids staring at something. What are they staring at? Nobody knows and no one will ever know. Or, y’know, we’ll all find out in June.

However, the most novel new thing in Super 8 Land is Paramount releasing an iPhone app that turns your phone into Super 8 camera emulator, where you can film old-seeming movies. Get it here. You have to pull down the projector in the app to watch the movie, which is the kind of adorable little detail that really pisses me off. Still, it’s free (for now) and will definitely keep you entertained for a few precious minutes. (Dread Central)

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