‘Super 8' Gets A ‘Goonies’-esque Clip

Kids do the darndest things. Like videotaping vast governmental cover-ups. This edited clip (but not really a trailer) from Super 8 set to The Cars' "Bye Bye Love" doesn't really offer much new insight into the story being told, but does slant it in a new fashion. Rather than roll with the standard J.J. Abrams "We're gonna confuse and tease the hell out of you so you are frustrated into the theater," this clip (and the odd song pairing) creates a more whimsical, coming-of-age ambiance. [post-video postid="211813"] I really don't think that this avenue is Abrams' strong suit, but with Spielberg on board, perhaps some nostalgia slipped into the film. This is a manipulated 30-second clip, compared to lots of footage that show's this as a more conventional supernatural thriller, so I'm not convinced this isn't just for marketing. Nonetheless, it still makes the movie look pretty awesome.