'Sucker Punch' Has Used Another Medium To Confuse Us - Animation

The team behind Sucker Punch has turned confusing audiences into an art. I'm not even mad at Sucker Punch anymore. Now, I'm just impressed with how confusing they have been able to make their marketing campaign. It's an art, really. Not content merely offering trailers that trigger epileptic seizures, the team has now moved on to animated shorts (3 min) that don't offer a single word of dialogue or the slightest clue of what's going on. There's a guy in a mask. He gets shot by something resembling a steampunk ED-209 from Robocop. The guy in the mask dies, and sexy girls walk toward the camera. If you claim to glean more than that from this clip, you're a horrible liar, and you should be ashamed of yourself. (Coming Soon)

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'Detention' Rivals 'Sucker Punch' For Most WTF Moments

Someone's developing a self-referential teenage slasher film that isn't Scream 4. Someone's developing a self-referential teenage slasher film that isn't Scream 4. At least, that's what the first three-quarters of this trailer would lead you to believe. The last quarter of the video includes animal growling from the teens, something resembling hell, and something resembling a UFO. Detention looks like it may have been sprung from the mind of a 14 year-old Richard Kelly. The trailer doesn't do much to reveal how we go from "A" to "B" in the film, but "B" looks pretty damn insane. Even if the film turns into a trainwreck, which it very well could, considering the director of Torque, Joseph Kahn, is helming, it looks like the path this film takes is enough to entertain, or at least mesmerize. (/Film)


Trailer For 'Legend Of The Fist' Has Kicking, Punching, And Shooting

Sorry, this is not the Dreamworks Animation film 'Legend of the Fish' You might not be familiar with the character of Chen Zhen, who is "returning" in the new Hong Kong action movie Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. A quick lesson: The character was originally played by Bruce Lee in the 1972 kicking/punching film Fist of Fury. Since then, the character has been played by several different actors in several different remakes/sequels/television adaptations, the most recent of which is Legend of the Fist. Whew! Remind me not to complain about sequels and reboots here in the United States, where compared to China the situation is neat and orderly. Anyway, the trailer is pretty cool, with a lot of swanky period sets and awesome stunts from Donnie Yen. He also puts on a costume inspired be The Green Hornet's sidekick Kato, who of course was played by Bruce Lee in the 60s TV show "The Green Hornet." Sold yet?


The Final 'Pacific Rim' Trailer Explains The Science Of Punching Monsters

It doesn't have to make sense. Less than two weeks away from its theatrical release, Pacific Rim is back with its biggest and most final trailer yet. Which I have to applaud. Not because its that great of a trailer but because the marketing team has gotten an amazing amount of mileage out of robots punching monsters and Idris Elba yelling about canceling the apocalypse. At this point, I'm numb to that line. They'd better sprinkle an F-bomb in the theatrical version if they want me to cheer and scream 'Murica!!


'Fox & Friends' Have A Good Laugh About Ray Rice Punching His Wife

We are laughing. The NFL made it clear yesterday that they will in no way support (videotaped) spousal abuse. While covering the leak of the infamous elevator punch video that got Ray Rice fired from the Baltimore Ravens, Fox & Friends co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy where inspired to share some funny domestic violence yuk-yuks. It's what Joan would have wanted. As you can see in the video, Brian Kilmeade joked, “I think the message is, take the stairs.” Steve Doocy, who prefers his violence behind closed doors, responded, “The message is when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera.” As there is on you, fellas.


Jason Statham Kicks, Punches, And Broods In 'Wild Card' Trailer

All that squinting and mumbling has me thinking he's the next Clint Eastwood. Stop us if you've heard this one before: Jason Statham is a rogue tough-guy who gets by hustling and dealing with less-than-savory folks, all while wearing a grim face. That's right! It's most every Jason Statham film since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. But there's a reason he keeps going back to that well. It works for him. Here in Wild Card, the Statham archetype is dropped in Vegas, hence the clever title. He runs around Sin City offering fun little nuggets like "I take care of things. That's all you need to know," which karate chopping everyone in his path. We're not complaining, because the film looks kind of fun, but it's nothing new, judging from this trailer.