'Submarine' Trailer Breaks Hearts, Lifts Spirits, Changes Lives

Writer/Director Richard Ayoade, best know as Moss from the UK sitcom "The IT Crowd," has put together a first feature that looks pretty fantastic. No Hyperbole! Okay, well, maybe a little. Writer/Director Richard Ayoade, best know as Moss from the British Channel 4 sitcom "The IT Crowd," has put together a first feature that looks pretty fantastic. If the trailer is any indication, Submarine should have film lovers, cinema majors, and quirky, multi-colored font enthusiasts jumping for joy. The film, about a 15 year old boy coming of age amidst first love and divorced parents, features original music by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, and is executive produced by Ben Stiller.

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'Submarine' Trailer Gives A Heaping Portion Of British Indie

It's quirky, but it doesn't aggravate my gag reflex. I've never been so confused. It's easy to dismiss the trailer for Submarine as Britain's pass at quirky-for-the-sake-of-quirky indie cinema (I did the first time I watched the trailer), but the trailer seems to have all the hallmarks of indie cinema with none of the derivation. It reads like an About a Boy sequel, with all the sentiment coming from the likes of a Nick Hornby, rather than a Zach Braff or Diablo Cody. The Shins won't change your life in Submarine, and Michael Cera is nowhere to be found (possibly off somewhere making pop-pop). So peep Submarine and watch a weird British kid pursue love as awkwardly as British people do everything else.


'Goonies' Director Richard Donner Says There Will Be A Sequel With Original Cast

The guy who played Sloth, an actor named George Clooney, hasn't confirmed this yet. The Goonies will be back, or so says original director Richard Donner, whom TMZ accosted while he was signing autographs. In no uncertain terms, Donner says in the video, "We're making a Goonies sequel." When asked if the stars will return, he responds, "Hopefully, all of them." Sure. Good luck fitting it into Corey Feldman's filming schedule these days. CAUTION: You have to put up with some stupid incendiary babble from the TMZ video guy to get to the point.


Final 'Fantastic Four' Trailer: The Doctor Is In

And ugly as get-out. The new trailer for Fantastic Four that premiered at Comic-Con gives fans what they really want, a look at Doctor Doom. While the villain is still mostly kept in the shadows, there are some quick glimpses of how fugly the teleportation accident leaves him. We also see Reed Richards and Ben Grimm as boyhood friends before Reed's experiments transformed them both. Given Doom's deformities, I can understand his position but I feel that Ben Grimm/The Thing really has the biggest ax to grind seeing as he clearly lost his wang. At least Doom can still get chicks. He is a doctor after all.


The International 'Fantastic Four' Trailer Gives Us A Little More To Work With

...but are they really FANTASTIC? The first Fantastic Four released a few years back fell a little flat, but Fox is hoping that a new cast including Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Kate Mara can pack a little more punch as the comic-book foursome. While the U.S. trailer was more glitz than substance, this Japanese trailer seems to offer a little more insight. And although the graphics and captions might not be accessible to viewers, the voiceover and dialogue is in English, so everyone should be able to keep up nicely. In a crowded landscape for comic-book movies, this still might not quite have what it takes to compete with the big boys, but it still could be a success for Fox, as the casting seems pretty inspired.


Tommy Wiseau Is Back With A Thing That He Is Calling A Sitcom

And his own underwear line. Despite the fact that it's been six years in the making and hasn't been picked up by anyone, Tommy Wiseau's The Neighbors is still promised to be coming soon. Much like diarrhea, we don't know where and we don't know when. The director-writer-producer-actor has surrounded himself with young people once again for the porn-grade "sitcom," and debuted this "INFO #1" video to answer any questions you may have. But not really. This only serves to confuse and I think it's also trying to sell me underwear. If your curiosity is piqued, Wiseau provides this synopsis: SYNOPSIS OF "THE NEIGHBORS" "THE NEIGHBORS" IS A SITCOM ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A GROUP OF NEIGHBORS WHO LIVE IN AN APARTMENT BUILDING. THE LEAD CHARACTER IS CHARLIE, THE MANAGER OF THE BUILDING. THE TENANTS ARE A DIVERSE GROUP OF PERSONALITIES; ALL OF DIFFERENT AGES AND BACKGROUNDS, CONSTANTLY BRINGING THEIR PROBLEMS TO CHARLIE AND HIS SECRETARY/GIRLFRIEND BEBE. THE CHARACTER OF PRINCESS PENELOPE CREATES A COMMOTION AFTER SHE WITNESSES THE GHOST OF HER UNCLE PRINCE CHARLES. IT IS A FRESH AND HUMOROUS LOOK AT HUMAN BEHAVIOR THROUGH DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW. THIS COCKTAIL OF CHARACTERS ALWAYS GUARANTEE PLENTY OF SURPRISES. THE DEMOGRAPHIC IS ALL INCLUSIVE. PLOT: IN THE PILOT, MARIANA IS OBSESSED ABOUT BUGS IN HER APARTMENT. MONICA CATCHES HER BOYFRIEND DEN IN BED WITH PATRICK. PRINCESS PENELOPE ARRIVES AND DARREN SERENADES HER WITH ACCOMPANIMENT FROM OTHER TENANTS. RICHARD BECOMES PRINCESS PENELOPE'S BUTLER AND HANDYMAN. ED PREPARES A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR BEBE. Also, of note, the amazing new website that Wiseau has created for the show. Like Wiseau's films, there's not much there yet there's so much there. (AV Club)


'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' Features Ben Stiller In Way Over His Head

How does this not star Jim Carrey? We all know there are two Ben Stiller characters out there. There's over the top evil guy, like we see in Dodgeball, and then there's the befuddled everyman, which we see in almost everything else. Now, we get to see an EXTREMELY befuddled Ben Stiller in way over his head, imagining he's about a million different badass characters, but still being Ben Stiller-ish at the same time. The man really can act, can't he?


Josh Brolin Puts On Bandana To Talk 'Goonies 2' With Jimmy Fallon

Feldman keeps checking his phone to make sure it's getting service. Over the past few months, a few signs have pointed to the likelihood of seeing a Goonies 2 film before the original cast all become geriatric. Adding fuel to the fire was Josh Brolin, who appeared on Jimmy Fallon in his Goonies character's trademark bandana to talk about The Goonies anniversary, and the hopeful sequel. In keeping with Fallon's style it's all very fun and light-hearted, as a Goonies discussion should be. But it's also nice to see that an actor as successful (and serious) as Josh Brolin still has pride and a sense of humor about films he did much earlier in his career. Take a look and try not to get too much nostalgia on your face.