Stop and Watch: The Banned 'Human Unipede' Commercial

'The Human Centipede' series heads in a fresh new direction. Regardless of whether or not you're tired of Human Centipede jokes, this video is worth a watch. Production company CNCNTRTE Media put together this short commercial that takes the concept of The Human Centipede and scales it down. What if one guy's face was sewn to his own ass? Be sure to watch it until the end. It's much better than Clive Owen's Burger King commercial. (via Dread Central)

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'Human Centipede 2' Trailer: Gross! It's In Black & White!

At least it's not 3D. Get ready for the most in-depth look at the creepy sh*t that's going on in the trailer Tom Six's The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence). This time around the maniac behind the macabre surgery is a deranged guy obsessed with the original film who decides to make his own centipede...out of humans. Sick, right? There are a few differences this time around. For instance, the antagonist isn't a surgeon. He's just a super-fan who resorts to using plastic tubing, rusty tools, and a staple gun. Also, there are a lot more mouths to feed now. But perhaps the biggest change is the decision to film in black and white. It creates a much more intimate feel to intensify the general feeling of claustrophobia. Seems like they're saving 3D for the next sequel.


'Human Centipede 2' Trailer Sucks Crap (In The Sense That It Looks Horrible)

This movie is so gross, they can't even show it to you. Though they still aren't showing us any footage of Tom Six's new butt-to-mouth monster, a new teaser for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) has been stitched together. The teaser focuses on viewers recoiling in horror while watching a private screening of the sequel. That footage is juxtaposed with the early reviews condemning the grotesque film imagery, as well as using the fact that it is banned in Britain as a selling point. In all fairness, these viewers don't seem genuinely scared or upset and could be watching a flicker for all we know. Or The Zookeeper. But, for their sake, I'm hoping it's the flicker.


'Human Centipede 2' Teaser: Meet The New Creep

Is that the kid from 'The Sandlot'? Here's our first official, non-Australian look at The Human Centipede 2 from director Tom Six. Looks like we've got a new creep running around with a penchant for sewing and bum-bums. You might be asking yourself,  "How can two psychopaths have the same vision of a multi-legged butt monster?" Well, the answer is here. The new psycho, Dr. Butt-Monster, is actually an everyday crazy guy who saw the first film and decided to try it out in real life. Makes sense to me. Also, kudos on casting another eery-looking actor who will ruin my sleep patterns. I'm pretty sure that's the kid from The Sandlot. Child actors, man. They can't be trusted.


The Trailer For 'Big Hero Six' Proves That Heroes Don't Need To Be Human

If you like inflatable robots, this is THE film for you. It's hard to describe the vibe of Big Hero Six with the written word. But about ten seconds in to the trailer, you'll get it. While Marvel went live-action with The Avengers, Disney and Marvel teamed up to give us an animated Big Hero Six that has a look very similar to Ratatouille, which should be just fine with Pixar fans. The Big Hero Six originally were a decidedly Japanese-inspired group of superheroes, but in this trailer, they take on a cartoonish American quality. Maybe it's because they're characters in an American cartoon. We'll never know for sure. If you prefer your comic book characters with a side of goofiness and fun, check out this trailer.


David Lynch Directs Another Commercial For His Coffee Line

Who knows what he secretly switched our coffee with. Coffee. It's a rite of passage into each new day. Many of us look forward to waking to the deep aromas of a fresh pot. It's the only thing that can get us out of bed. Well, now the associated nightmares will also do the job. David Lynch has made a new commercial for his David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee. It's as moody and foreboding as you'd expect from the director of Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. I especially like the part where the coffee kills its clone and assumes its identity. The master has done it again.


Something Scary Dares To Haunt Clive Owen In New 'Intruders' Trailer

Clive ain't 'fraid of no ghost. Clive Owen has got a unique ghost problem on his hands. At first glance, Intruders looks like the average "child is haunted" entrie into the horror genre. However, as this trailer illustrates, there is an interesting twist. This time around, the supernatural being is actually haunting TWO children...on different continents. The assumption here is that the hauntings are happening during the same timeline, but to total strangers in completely different parts of the world. That's different enough to grab my attention. These ghosts are getting smarter and smarter everyday. If only Zelda Rubenstein were around to explain all of this to us.


The New 'Jonah Hex' Trailer is a Tired Rehash of the Original

Megan Fox (Left) speaks with Edward James Olmos (Right) between takes.If the latest installment of the Jonah Hex trailer series is any indication, Hollywood is officially out of ideas.The original trailer, which premiered last month, told the story of the upcoming Jonah Hex movie staring Josh Brolin as the titular cowboy bounty hunter who straddles the world of the living and the dead. The trailer also featured Megan Fox and John Malkovich, and was cheered by fans and critics alike for its non-stop action and witty dialogue.Although the new trailer features the entire original cast, the sequel squanders any good will earned by the first installment. It is nothing more than a tired rehash of its predecessor, devoid of any original ideas whatsoever. Brolin, Fox and Malkovich should be ashamed to be associated with this transparent marketing ploy which seems to have the singular purpose of selling movie tickets to eager fanboys.Watch the pathetic new Jonah Hex trailer after the jump.