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Steven Seagal Runs Like A Wuss

The first time I drank Steven’s Seagal’s energy drink I was afraid of 2 things. Spontaneously growing a ponytail and never being able to get the taste of salty balls out of my mouth. But now I’m afraid that I’ll just start running like a girl. Here’s some links that might help you cope with what you just saw.  Thanks to Holy Taco for the video and the 12 step program brochure.

Michael Crichton, dead at 66 (Wired)

Chris Morgan writing Wanted sequel (Comingsoon)

Bryan Fuller to return to Heroes? (/film)

New Transporter 3 pics (Filmdrunk)

A clip from Van Sant’s Milk (CHUD)

Nation finally shitty enough to make social progress (TheOnion)

A Dark Knight death under examination (NYTimes)


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