Steve Carell Says Farewell To The Fans

He's gone. He's really gone. Last night, Steve Carell raided the supply closet and left Scranton for greener pastures. Before leaving the corporate world, though, he filmed his exit interview with "Office" co-star Angela Kinsey. In the video, he talks about his favorite show moments  and what the characters and the actors who portray them have meant to him over the past seven years. He also takes a moment to say goodbye to his fans and acknowledge that he's "made an enormous mistake." It's sad to see him go but it's important we all put on a brave face and show him what big boys and girls we can be. No crying. And if any of us do, let's pretend that we got stung by a hornet. Just a really fast one that moved too fast for everyone to see because it is so fast, you see. One of those super hornets. I think it migrated up here from Mexico. (NBC)