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Stern Calls Leno “Horrible” On ‘Letterman’, Leno Cries Himself To Sleep

Conan O’Brien has a new show. Jay Leno got his old job back, albeit in the most snakish way imaginable. David Letterman has probably dropped something crazy off a rooftop recently. Yes, more than a year later, everybody’s moved on from the late night wars, except for shock jock Howard Stern. Of course, Stern was never a part of the wars to begin with, but like the kid who tells his friend to fight a bully because his DS broke and he’s bored, Stern was on “Letterman” recently, goading him to retake the late night ratings crown from Mister Evilchin.

In the clip above, Stern says Leno is “horrible” and “talentless,” and Letterman only laughed in response. We used Google Translator to convert Nervous Laughter into English, and Letterman’s response was, “duh, but I’m gonna keep my mouth shut, cause I don’t want to get uncomfortable looks from Rickey Minor at parties.”

Stern also thinks that during last year’s Superbowl commercial, Letterman should have “finish[ed] him off” when he had the chance. I’d watch that this year. Of course, we’ve already seen the results of a full on Leno / Letterman battle, and it ain’t pretty for either host. (CBS News)

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