'Star Wars' But With Terrible Sound Effects

PEW! PEW! KEW! KEW! I kinda prefer this Chewbacca.

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George Lucas And His Beard Discuss ‘Star Wars’ In 3D And The Delayed Live-Action TV Show

Whoever bet that he wouldn't have a beard and a plaid shirt in this interview owes me five bucks. George Lucas seems to move more slowly than other directors. Perhaps that's because his projects are more widely anticipated than everyone else's. Or maybe it's because he actually moves more slowly than anyone else. In this interview with G4's"Attack of the Show," Lucas discusses what the hold up is for "Star Wars: The Adventures Continue," and why he wasn't ready to convert the six Star Wars films to 3D...until now. As for the TV show, Lucas has 50 hours of the arc crafted, but is just waiting for production costs to become way, way, way cheaper. Like a tenth of what they are for films. So that could be a minute. Essentially, he says he plans on doing it, but stop holding your breath, because it won't happen soon. As for the 3D discussion, he says he's ready to convert for a February 10 release date for Episode I. Without getting too specific, he says he was waiting for the technology to be there, and now it's there. So it's on its way and looking good, by all accounts. If you thought Jar-Jar was up in your face before (metaphorically), wait until you see him in 3D when he's really up in your face! LITERALLY! I'm gonna go lay down. I feel sick.


'Star Wars: Episode VII' Trailer Also Gets The 'Spaceballs' Treatment

The Schwartz Awakens? Word on the geek street is that the new Star Wars: Episode VII trailer is set to become the most-viewed movie trailer of all time. No surprise there; it's Star Wars. It should also be no surprise that the trailer is being recut, effed-with, and parodied in just about every way imaginable. And this time, it's Filmgeekery doing Spaceballs, the Mel Brooks parody of the original three Star Wars installments. The trailer is really just Spaceballs set to the sounds and dialogue of the new film. And if you don't like this, you're a joyless monster.



This is the ship we're looking for. A group of treasure hunters (sweet) were presumably hunting for treasure when they came across what is definitely the Star Wars vessel the Millenium Falcon on the floor of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. In related news, that's almost exactly where I told people it would be. I was telling people that I thought it would be very near the coast of Denmark, which it pretty much is. The item that is absolutely the Millenium Falcon is thought to be 197 feet wide and is submerged in 250 feet of water, with track marks of upturned sea floor 1,600 feet long, indicating that the object crashed. You know, like a spaceship would. Many are speculating what could be inside the Millennium Falcon, but I'll save everyone from the suspense. You're going to find a regular-sized skeleton wearing a black vest and a giant skeleton with a bandolier over its left shoulder. With that mystery solved, we should probably get to work on cloning them, no?


I Could Stare At This Picture Of The Fake George Lucas All Day Long

He's as good as the real thing. Ok. The picture is pretty much the punchline, and we've spoiled that, but let's spend a second giving credit where credit is due. The guy playing George Lucas is Josh Robert Thompson. He's an impressionist who's done Lucas for years. He went to the Star Wars fan convention and picked a fight with one of his own creations, and held up signs that defended his revisionist assertion that Greedo shot first. It's all pretty damn funny, if only because Lucas is a funny dude. I think that this guy better watch himself at these conventions, because for every fan that loves him, there's probably another one that wants to hurt him for the digital tinkering of the show. (A.V. Club)


'Star Wars' Vs. 'Mad Max' Looks Like The Most Exciting Film

I'd watch that. When making Mad Max: Fury Road, director George Miller opted to shoot practically and keep the use of computer-generated effects to a minimum. Too bad. He could have had spaceships in it if he had. This mash up, Road Wars: The Imperator Strikes Back, does so to great effect by adding TIE fighters, Darth Vader, and the Millenium Falcon. It effectively makes a case for why Mad Max must fight space invaders at some point. It's totally enjoyable. But it would have been nice to see a guitar that shoots lasers at some point. Perhaps in the Special Edition??