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‘Sports Show With Norm MacDonald’ Premieres Tonight On Comedy Central

It’s been more than ten years since Norm MacDonald hosted the ESPY Awards on ESPN. From Michael Jordon to John Elway to O.J. Simpson, no one was spared. At the time, the network didn’t care much for his roast-like monologue. But over the years, the legend surrounding his performance has grown to become a cult-classic of sorts on the Internet.

Hopefully, Norm hasn’t gone soft, because tonight (10:30/9:30c), he returns to television in “Sports Show with Norm MacDonald.” The program airs on Comedy Central, and considering the success of the network’s celebrity roasts, I don’t think MacDonald will get into to too much trouble for taking famous athletes to task. If the show is half-as outrageous as his ESPY monologue or his comedy albums, you’re in for a treat…unless your last name is Roethlisberger or Vick.

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