Speakeasy: Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic is f***ing awesome... What happens when you put Weird Al Yankovic in a room with Paul F. Tompkins and a bottle of booze? The next episode of Speakeasy happens, obviously. In this episode, Yankovic discusses the possibility of playing the Super Bowl halftime show, getting drunk with Down Town Julie Brown, and Coolio's evil twin.

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Watch Mark-Paul Gosselaar Answer Interview Questions As Zack Morris

How did he react to Screech's violent suicide? Paul F. Tompkins' show Speakeasy has always managed to get a little deeper and weirder than most any other talk show on TV, and he may have raised the bar with his Mark-Paul Gosselaar interview. Tompkins, after asking some softball questions, gets Gosselaar to go through the rest of the interview in character as Zack Morris. Mark-Paul proves to be a pretty great sport about it, and demonstrates a healthy Saved by the Bell trivia knowledge as well.