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‘Soul Surfer’ Trailer — Now With Shark Attack

If there was one critique of Soul Surfer‘s teaser trailer, it was that the film didn’t look nearly gross enough. Problem solved!

This new look at the film finally gets around to showing that shark attack that costs the protagonist her arm… but not her love of surfing. Did you hear that, sharks?! You can eat our arms but not our spirits!! Anyway, whereas the earlier trailer was wholesome and full of hugs, this new one spends way too much time showing off that nasty arm stub. Gross. It’s times like these that I hate movie-blogging. Some of us are trying to eat Cheetos over here.


  1. January 28, 2011 2:19 pm


    Well,I have one question for the people of Tennessee….Do you believe in the impossible ? That’s my one question for you.Soul Surfer has changed my life completely,and had helpped me alot. Oh,and a another question:Do you really believe and i know i have had said the first time but Do you believe in the impossible ? Please comment

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