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‘Soul Surfer’ Trailer Has Surfer Girl But No Shark Attack

Soul Surfer, the true story about Bethany Hamilton and her survival of a shark attack that cost her her arm, has a trailer. And it looks…wholesome. In fact, nowhere in the 1:14 clip does it reference or even acknowledge the fact that something might go wrong. It’s all surfing and hugs and fireworks. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering it’s an inspirational story featuring the likes of Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, AnnaSophia Robb, Carrie Underwood, and no less than Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo. One would think they would at least allude to the fact that this cute blonde girl is going to get her arm bitten off by a shark. It’s not like they can use that as a twist in the film; it was a national news story. The working title of this film was basically The Movie about the Girl Who Got Her Arm Bitten off by a Shark, so it’s unlikely that anyone will be caught off guard when girlfriend loses a limb.

I’m sure as we get closer to the April 15 release date, we’ll be privy to the darker half of the film. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer for Blue Crush Lite! (Coming Soon)

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