So, Um, 'Battleship' Trailer Looks Sorta Awesome

Peter Berg don't play games. [post-album postid="25204" item="6"]We were all pretty quick to judge when it was announced that Peter Berg was adapting the board game Battleship for the big screen. Expectations were for an expensive, loud, CGI-heavy, action film where things blow up spectacularly. But in our film snobbery, we forget to factor in that expensive, loud, CGI-heavy action films where things blow up spectacularly can be awesome. Which is the case with Battleship. Of course, it could be an all-out cheesefest that doesn't strike the right balance of bullshit to awesome in the same way that Battle: Los Angeles did. But for right now, I'm gleefully optimistic that this movie is going to kick ass in a dumb fun kind of way. Unless, of course, Liam Neeson speaks the line, "They sank my battleship!" In which case, laaaaame.