Sly. Khal Drogo. An Axe Fight. 'Bullet To The Head' UK Trailer

We don't get enough huge dudes killing each other with axes in movies these days. Slyvester Stallone has got it all figured out. He used to star in movies where he'd play a man out for the head of his ridiculously hot wife or girlfriend's captor. Now that he's in his mid-sixties and can still reduce bad guys to pulp and mulch, he's had to tweak the formula to hunt down the man who has kidnapped his ridiculously hot daughter. The only real loss here is it presents less opportunity to see the hot daughter (in this case Sarah Shahi) topless. Unless Sly suddenly wanted to get arty and weird at this point in his career. But we're not there yet. Just stick to axe fights and liquefying henchman with big guns.