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‘Skyline’ Trailer Rips Los Angeles a New A-hole

All of our Ferraris are doomed!

Universal has dropped the brand spankin’ new trailer for Skyline. Getting down to brass tacks, aliens invade Los Angeles at 4:27AM. Eric Balfour, Britney Daniel, and Donald Faison try to stop them. Nothing revolutionary, except that the break into our atmosphere before the buttcrack of dawn. These extraterrestrials are bigger inconsiderate pricks than most.

The film is directed by The Brothers Strausse, who know their way around special effects. I’ll give the film that. The effects look impressive. And I’m all for the vacuu abduction process. At least the abductees will be with friends during the alien sexual abuse.

Check out the trailer after the jump…

New’Skyline‘ Trailer Rips Los Angeles A New A-Hole! – Watch more horror

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