Skip The Super Bowl Preshow And Watch 'The Hunger Games' Trailer Now

Spend that time wrapping bacon around things. Up until this point we've seen very little of the actual games featured in The Hunger Games. That all changes with this second trailer set to premiere during the Super Bowl preshow this Sunday. But because no one really pays much attention to that, it's here early online for us all to obsess over. Here we see the softer side of the Girl On Fire as she interacts with her loved ones back in the Seam, and less of the girl who shoots other kids in the head with arrows. Which isn't to say we don't see more of the Games. There are a few glimpses here and there, as well as an emphasis on the Mockingjay pin. No tracker jackers to share just yet. But let's assume they'll be fully rendered by the time the film opens on March 23rd.

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I just saved you, like, 7 hours. One of the main issues I have with the Super Bowl is the lack of cowboys, aliens, laser guns, and Harrison Ford. So I had mixed emotions about the prospect of a new Cowboys & Aliens Super Bowl spot - on the one hand, yeah, it probably has all those things. On the other hand, I'd have to sit through untold hours of lame beer ads, awful musical performances from senior citizens, and a few minutes of football in order to see it. Imagine my relief when I saw the ad appearing on the internet! And in the spirit of friendship, I now present the ad to you as well. Think about it - I just saved you, like, 7 hours. What are you going to do with it? I'm gonna watch the Super Bowl! (via SlashFilm)


Super Bowl Movie Ad Bonanza: Robots And Superheroes

Super Bowl ads, BYOG (Bring Your Own Guacamole) If you're watching tonight's Super Bowl, you may have noticed a few "commercial breaks," which are interruptions in the football game designed to sell products, which in turn pays for the game's being broadcast on television. This system of "TV advertising" has long gone both unnoticed and unremarked upon by Super Bowl viewers. During these breaks, there were several commercials advertising some big movies, including one for Cowboys & Aliens. Anyway, here are some Super Bowl ads for Thor, Captain America, and Transformers 3. Be sure to buy lots of concessions when you go see these movies in the theater as a result of seeing them here - the studios spent a lot of money on these: Transformers 'Dark of The Moon' Super Bowl Trailer (720p) from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.


Happy Super Bowl. Here's a 'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer

Yup, he says, "I'll be back." Since Super Bowl ads are now considered entertainment, much to marketers' delight, companies are leaking them earlier and earlier. This Terminator: Genisys trailer, to run on Sunday's game, is no exception. It's a Super Bowl ad that runs before the Super Bowl. Which I guess just makes it an ad. Whatever. It's Terminator, and I think we're all interested to see if we can ignore the past two and get back to the greatness of 1 and 2. From the looks of this...Can we? (Deadline)


Peep This: Jennifer Lawrence In 'The Hunger Games'

Katniss shows off her hunting skills. Though Jennifer Lawrence couldn't make it in person to feel Beyonce's baby bump at the MTV VMA's, she was able to send over the first clip from The Hunger Games. The highly-anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins' bestseller is currently filming but Lionsgate was able to drop a quick scene of Lawrence's Katniss stalking around the forest with bow in hand. Ready to hunt or be hunted. Meanwhile, co-star Liam Hemsworth provides a voice-over pep talk reminding her not to get killed. Then flaming trees fall before her at every step. Who is she hunting? Dragons??


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Plus, Hal chats with the stars of 'Identity Thief'. Hal takes a moment from gorging himself on hot wings and s'mores (don't ask) to dissect all the big Super Bowl movie trailers -- Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast and the Furious 6 and World War Z -- and rate them on a scale of Very Good to Oz, The Great And Powerful. THEN he meets up with Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman, T.I. and Genesis Rodriquez to discuss their new movie, Identity Thief, and get their best Osama bin Laden impressions.


The Victors Must Be Eradicated In 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Trailer

It ain't easy being famous in the Districts. Jennifer Lawrence is back as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Since we last saw Katniss, she's now famous for proving her efficiency at murdering teenagers as well as her talent for putting a middle finger in the face of the Capitol. This doesn't sit well with Donald Sutherland's cartoon-evil President Snow and he intends to do something about it. Like beating random old men in front of hundreds of witnesses. That's really going to hurt the old man vote. Though the real news here is the addition of Philip Seymour Hoffman to the series. He steps in for Wes Bentley as Plutarch Heavensbee, the new Head Gamemaker tasked with killing off Katniss and the other victors. Regrettably, he doesn't wear a silly wig or beard. I guess there's only so much money the studio could drive up to his house.