Skip The Super Bowl Preshow And Watch 'The Hunger Games' Trailer Now

Spend that time wrapping bacon around things. Up until this point we've seen very little of the actual games featured in The Hunger Games. That all changes with this second trailer set to premiere during the Super Bowl preshow this Sunday. But because no one really pays much attention to that, it's here early online for us all to obsess over. Here we see the softer side of the Girl On Fire as she interacts with her loved ones back in the Seam, and less of the girl who shoots other kids in the head with arrows. Which isn't to say we don't see more of the Games. There are a few glimpses here and there, as well as an emphasis on the Mockingjay pin. No tracker jackers to share just yet. But let's assume they'll be fully rendered by the time the film opens on March 23rd.