Flula Gets Comedy Tips From The Cast Of 'The Dictator'

I'll say this: Ben Kingsley's a good sport. I'm guessing Ben Kingsley has seen some shit in his life, but the look that pops up on his face when Flula does his spastic introduction sets the tone for this entire video, filmed during The Dictator junket. While Sir Ben seems to just hang back and watch it all unfold, co-star Jason Mantzoukas goes all in to help our Flula be the best comedian he can be. When he's not mangling idioms, Flula can be found making obscure references to "Sister Greta" and Throw Momma From The Train. Oh, and if you make it to the end, you get Anna Faris, who's way better looking than these other two dudes. Sorry, Sir Ben and Jason.

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Ben Kingsley Wants Ryan Reynolds' Body In 'Selfless' Trailer

Join the club. Mmm-rrrawww!!! Imagine being stuck in the very gross and old body of Sir Ben Kingsley. All of your attempts to throw epic campus ragers would be met with raised eyebrows and skeeved out coeds. To remedy this, Selfless has Kingsley implant his brain into the empty vessel that is Ryan Reynolds' body. Thus, he gets to enjoy all of the motor-boating the healthy young body affords him. And he gets to get out on the lake too. No release date has been announced but I'm already amped for the sequel where Patrick Stewart mind-melds with Kal Penn in Selfless: The Rise of Taj.


Ben Kingsley Plays Punk Legend Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat

I have no idea why this video even exists other than to promote Mean magazine, but as a fan of Ben Kinsgley and a super-fan of Minor Threat, it definitely made me confused and even a little embarrassed. He's one of the world's most respected actors, couldn't he have at least learned the lyrics to the song? I have no idea why this video even exists other than to promote Mean magazine, but as a fan of Ben Kinsgley and a super-fan of Minor Threat, it definitely made me confused and even a little embarrassed. He's one of the world's most respected actors, couldn't he have at least learned the lyrics to the song? There are only maybe 50 words to remember and approximately 30 of them are "We're just a minor threat," over and over. Kissing that Olson twin in The Wackness must really have knocked something loose in that 65-year-old head of his. Maybe next they can get Robert Duvall to play a young Henry Rollins or Tony Danza to play a Misfits-era Danzig. Actually, I would watch that last one. Here's a video of what the real Minor Threat looked like with the pre-NPR Ian at the Helm. (Fast forward to 1:15 if you want to get right to the mayhem)


Megan Fox Is Less Hairy Than The Kardashians In 'The Dictator' Trailer

Has Sacha Baron Cohen pulled a 'Love Guru'? With Ali G: Indahouse, Borat, and Bruno under his belt, Sacha Baron Cohen had to branch out to find a new character for his next film. He obviously couldn't pull from his highly-recognizable stable, so he invented The Dictator, a harsh ruler who travels to America to make sure democracy doesn't find its way to his land. And guess what? His performance is so enveloped that he fooled everybody. Even John C. Reilly, Megan Fox, and Barack Obama didn't realize their legs were being pulled. They all thought he was an actual dictator!! Dude's a chameleon, that guy. Additionally, some are complaining about the content of this trailer, calling it unimpressive and unfunny with its Kardashian jokes and repeated gibberish gag. But I urge you to keep in mind that this is probably one for the middle states. The actual film is likely rife with edgy, inventive humor. This is just the way of tricking "those people" into the theater. If I'm wrong, I should also remind you that a woman shatters bricks with her breasts in this movie. That earns the ticket of admission price right there.


Ben Foster Bites Jason Statham's Style in 'The Mechanic' Trailer

The trailer for The Mechanic has all the hallmarks of a Jason Statham film -- cars, guns, explosions, unintelligle growl-mumbles, and the Cowgirl Position. A remake of the 1972 original, Statham steps into the Charles Bronson role. Except in this version, women aren't disgusted by the thought of touching the lead actor. Ben Foster co-stars as his ward in the killing people for money game, which appears to be an industry where you don't want the other guy knowing your trade secrets. Much like blogging (nothing like blogging). The film opens December 15th and also stars Donald Sutherland and Christa Campbell, who you more than likely know from the very important film, Cool Dog.  Watch the trailer after the jump....


Sacha Baron Cohen's Dictator Responds To Being Banned From Oscars

Ugh, it's so hard to care. After being banned from the Academy Awards a few days ago, Cohen has scrambled to issue this video rebuttal, claiming that their would be dire consequences for the Academy if they didn't give him back his tickets. While the premise is funny, he comes across as a little trigger happy with the puns, which is rarely the hallmark of high comedy. Based on the trailer for The Dictator, it was a fear that Sacha Baron Cohen was going for something a little less-cerebral than he did with Borat and Bruno. It seemed as though the film was relying a little too hard on caemos and pop-culture references to compete with Cohen's earlier faux-docs. It's still pretty funny, but not what we know to be "Sacha Baron Cohen" funny. Take a look.


'Night At The Museum 3' Trailer May Suggest Ben Stiller Should Just Stay Away From Museums Altogether

From now on, only libraries or less for this guy. Ben Stiller's character has had some crazy nights in museums over the past decade, but that doesn't mean he's learned his lesson. At least in A Night at the Museum 3, it seems that being trapped in museums is at least now a conscientious decision, and not just some zany set of circumstances. That's the good news. The bad news is that doesn't deter Robin Williams from appearing in this film. Depending on how you view these things, his presence might be cancelled out by Ben Kingsley's. If you hate Robin Williams AND Ben Kingsley, then I'm sorry to say that this might not be the film for you.


'Argo' Trailer: Director Ben Affleck Is 3 For 3

With another quality film under his belt, Ben Affleck has put 'Gigli' in his rearview. Ben Affleck is back with his third directorial feature Argo and it looks like the sumbitch has done it again. Here the director also stars as a CIA agent who hatches the kooky plan of rescuing American hostages from late 70's Iran by disguising them as the crew of a Canadian sci-fi film. That fake film is titled Argo and not Killer Poutine like I would have expected. Do they want to open to 200 million loonies or what? And just what the eff is an Argo? Sounds like the way Ben Affleck pronounces "ergo."


First Trailer For Ben Affleck's Heist Movie 'The Town'

Miss New England 2008 Attractive women in New England are few and far between, so when you meet one you had better jump on it. It doesn't matter where you meet. The bar, the Market Basket, and the bank that you are currently robbing are all perfectly acceptable places to pick up a comely, young lass. And that's exactly what Ben Affleck does in the trailer for his second directorial effort The Town. In this daring sequel, Jeremy Renner plays Will Hunting and Affleck reprises his role as Chuckie, who are now bank robbers inexplicably (note to self: fact check this later). Chuckie meets Rebecca Hall during a robbery and develops an attraction to her, even though he's got Blake Lively at home in denim cut-offs. Then Don Draper shows up and is all Mr. FBI Guy and there are a few shoot-outs and Slipknot masks. All in all, it looks really good! I'll see it. WATCH A MOODY MEDITATION ON WHAT DRIVES ONE TO STEAL, AND ALSO BLAKE LIVELY IN DENIM CUT-OFFS AFTER THE JUMP...