Silver Linings Batman: Robin

No one is taking the 'Batman' casting news harder than this guy. Things don't seem to be shaping up particularly well with this fella. The Affleck casting news has driven him to the deadly cocktail of scotch and popcorn, and he's now relying on (shudder) Benjamin Button effects and Andy Serkis to salvage the institution of Robin. I have a feeling things will get worse before they get better.

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'Silver Linings Batman': The Darkest Hour

Is this what rock bottom looks like? We're now weeks past the announcement that Ben Affleck will play Batman in Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman film and the situation is growing more grim for our hero. He's trying to keep it positive and focus on all of the good that can come from this casting, but cracks are starting to show. For instance, drinking Beefeater and Cutty Sark in unison from a straw. Those are significant cracks. Keep your chin up, drunk guy on Internet!


Stop Everything!!! This Guy On The Internet Has Something To Say About The Affleck-Batman Decision!

You seem to care an awful lot about a casting decision for a movie that won't be out for two years. Do you care as much about the fact that you're 45 pounds overweight? This guy seems to be beaten down by most every aspect of life, the Affleck news is just the icing on the cake. I hope that this isn't just a one-off video, but we get to watch fanboy here fall further and further into the depths of despair. I bet if Donald Glover had become Spider-Man, this guy would have just walked his downtrodden ass right in to oncoming traffic. For more, check out The Brand Rackley.


David Lynch Directs Another Commercial For His Coffee Line

Who knows what he secretly switched our coffee with. Coffee. It's a rite of passage into each new day. Many of us look forward to waking to the deep aromas of a fresh pot. It's the only thing that can get us out of bed. Well, now the associated nightmares will also do the job. David Lynch has made a new commercial for his David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee. It's as moody and foreboding as you'd expect from the director of Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. I especially like the part where the coffee kills its clone and assumes its identity. The master has done it again.


'Batman v Superman' Trailer: These Dudes Are So Going To Fight

No hitting, Batman. Use your words. With the Man of Steel getting all of the attention, Batman would like it to be known that he has balls of steel. Hence, his commitment to destroying Superman. The plot picks up after Superman's showdown with Zod destroyed a majority of Metropolis and cost countless lives - including those close to Bruce Wayne, who was on the ground that day. That loss plus the loss of his parents and Robin at the hands of the Joker have hardened the Batman to the point that he's ready to call out a nearly indestructible alien with godlike powers. And that was before Superman jacked up the Batmobile. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!


Batman Isn't Scared, He's Angry In Newest 'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer

As is Matthew Modine. We're just about a week out from The Dark Knight Rises. Get excited. To help you do just that, there's this new trailer that details Batman's journey thus far and previews what challenges await him. Like Matthew Modine firing a machine gun. Doesn't seem like that would be too challenging in theory, but I've learned long ago never to underestimate Matthew Modine. He's an artist with firearms. **absent-mindedly thumbs scar tissue on shoulder**