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Show Preview: The Chocolate News Surprises

When I got the DVD screener for David Allen Grier’s new show, Chocolate News I was a little worried about watching it to review for the site. I figur I am 1) totally not the demographic, 2) use to “ethnically targeted” comedy shows being absolute crap. I honestly could not take Mencia. But the reason Mencia was is the reason that Chocolate News is really enjoyable: writing makes a show.

Chocolate News is David Allen Grier’s blacktacular new show that doesn’t really cover news. It’s more sketch and cultural commentary. The overall production value is rather high. I was particularly impressed with the Hype Williams-inspired music video PSA for the No Child Left Behind Program, featuring bub-covered ho’s and a sick grill.  Grier did a great Maya Angelou spoken word bit that was kind of impressive. They did a good job of weaving a lot of the program together, connecting one bit to the next in creative ways.

What really makes the show is that Grier is genuinely funny. Every joke that Mencia did had something to do with Mexicans. Much like Chapelle, The Chocolate News branches out. Even my “Winter Olympian” ass can enjoy it.  As I’ve said before, my reviews are based on if something makes me laugh, and this definitely did. I say see it. Premieres on Comedy Central, October 15th, 10:30/9:30 c.

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