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Shia LaBeouf Goes Full-Frontal In Sigur Rós Video

Actor Shia LaBeouf isn’t known for his meaty character par–, actually, you know what? Maybe there are better ways to introduce this story. Anyway, LaBeouf has finally done what many of his fans (?) have been clamoring for (??): a nude scene. And it wasn’t for Transformers 4, but instead for a music video from Swedish music outfit Sigur Rós.

The song is called “Fjögur piano,” and the video features LaBeouf and an unidentified female doing all kinds of weird artsy stuff together. And nakedness. And piano. The whole thing is very strange and (this probably goes without saying but I’m saying it anyway) NSFW, so by all means wait until you get home to watch it. Or, I dunno, invite your boss in to feast on the visual and aural poetry on display – your call. (The AV Club)

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