'Sesame Street': Is It A Gay-Hippie-Liberal Conspiracy?

Sunny days... turning our children gay?

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Aziz Ansari Brings His Diminutive Swagger To Sesame Street

Today's word is "Treat yo' self." Knowing that the end is nigh for Parks and Recreation, it's fun to watch the cast plot their next moves. Chris Pratt is vying for the title of "most charming man on the planet," Amy Poehler is producing comedy shows, Nick Offerman is making something out of wood (probably), and Aziz Ansari is dipping his toe in the blue waters of public broadcasting. Ok. So he's probably not going to become a series regular on Sesame Street, but he did make a pretty cute appearance on the show. And he's in a huge hat. All good things. Watch as he teaches kids the word "ridiculous" while wearing a ridiculously tall hat.


Zach Galifianakis Gets Nimble, Zach Gets Quick On 'Sesame Street'

Spoiler: A piranha comes to eat him. Zach Galifianakis practiced a little grooming, put on a nice cardigan, and found his way to Sesame Street to star in a bit about the nursery rhyme "Jack Be Nimble." It's pretty damn good, and Zach looks right at home on set, making me think he could maybe be a Sesame Street regular. He could replace Oscar or something as a buttoned-down manager at H&R Block. We could over-analyze this to death, but watch the clip. It's cute.


Ken Marino Campaigned For His Emmy Nod Shirtless, In A Fireman's Uniform, In The Street

You have to be proactive these days. Ken Marino isn't quite a household name, and right now, his steady gig, the comedy short series Burning Love, isn't exactly blowing up Nielsen boxes. So in order to get some recognition in what he calls the "short form whatever" category, he took to the streets of LA shirtless, wearing a fireman's outfit. Because his character is a firefighter. He yelled "CONSIDER ME!" in front of the Paramount lot while holding a sign that said "For Your Consideration." Will it work? Who cares about short form Emmy categories? This is funny.


Kenny Powers > Poor, Underprivileged Children

Dr. Cock N Balls is back in the game. Eastbound & Down returns for its third and final season Sunday, February 19th on HBO. Last time we saw Kenny Powers, he was south of the border, searching for his estranged dad and another shot at the majors. Those efforts put him back on the map, so to speak, and now he's in Myrtle Beach pitching for the Mermen, which means Kenny Powers goes to Spring Break. Originally, the series was only planned to last one season, but I think we all can agree that Kenny at Spring Break is a story that needed to be told. This season, Danny McBride is joined by Jason Sudeikis, Steve Little, Katy Mixon and Ike Barinholtz.


'Arthur Christmas' Teaser for Santa Conspiracy Theorists

Sony has dropped the teaser for Arthur Christmas, and it's going to have Santa believers buzzin' like they're fly like a bee. Sony has dropped the teaser for Arthur Christmas, and it's going to have Santa believersbuzzin' like they're fly like a bee. It starts off with a Morgan Freeman impersonator (or maybe Freeman himself?) taking us through the frigid landscape of the North Pole like some penguins are going to pop out. Then an elf bombards the camera, trying to get us to look away, but we won't, damnit. We see a tall lanky dude in the background, who the tweaking elf totally gives away as Santa's son, and then a red sleigh that looks like an alien spacecraft. I'm freakin' out, man! Quit messing with my traditional perception of Christmas! James McAvoy plays Santa's misfit son, Arthur, who executes an unauthorized rookie mission to get a present that Santa missed half way around the globe before dawn on Christmas morning. It's a little disconcerting that Santa is just forgetting to drop presents off, but I'm glad someone is picking up the slack. I hope this film doesn't take an awkward turn to examine Mr. Kringle's battle with Alzheimer's. That would not make for a very jolly tale at all. Arthur Christmas crashes into theaters November 23, 2011.


Jonah Hill's '21 Jump Street' Trailer Is Dope

Are we ready for the comedic advent of Channing Tatum? The first trailer for Jonah Hill's re-imagining of 21 Jump Street is here. All I have to say is, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA, whoa. WHOA!! This looks pretty funny. Like, I would leave my house to go see this funny. Granted, I shouldn't expect anything less from Clone High and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs creators Chris Miller and Phil Lord, but Channing Tatum really holds his own here. Silly haircuts? Check. Drug humor? Check. John Woo-style gun ballet? Check. Give the trailer a watch. I'm really looking forward to seeing more. The only part that made me sad was when Ice Cube acknowledged Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and the Twittersphere. Hopefully at some point in the movie he'll wield an AK.


Enough Killer Children To Swear You Off Of Parenthood Forever

Cold blooded murder has never been so adorable. To coincide with the release of Joe Wright's little-blonde-girl-assassin movie Hanna (in theaters now), Vulture put together a montage of disturbing child murderers! It's actually kind of hypnotic to watch, strangely enough. You'd think it'd make ovaries shrivel up and sperm start swimming the other way, but I don't know, it's kind of making me want to raise a little rugrat of my own. A little ball of joy to coddle and teach to ride a bike, and how to hold an icepick. It's all in the angle, you see. You raise that thing high enough above your head, and you've got a deadl weapon! Any lower and you're just going to maim. This heartwarming montage contains clips from Children Of The Corn all the way to Orphan. And if you're going to complain that Orphan isn't a good example, you're even more of a nerd than me, AND you just helped spoil the ending of a terrible movie. (Vulture)