See The Trailer For The 'First Horror Film In One Continuous Shot'

Don't! Watch it! Alone! The single-shot movie has been a rare treat throughout movie history. Only a few filmmakers have ever attempted to make an entire movie in a single shot. Alfred Hitchcock wanted to do it with Rope, but technology at the time only allowed for shots of 10 or 11 minutes at a time. There's also Russian Ark, which is probably the most famous single-shot movie. But weirdly, the technique hasn't been used to make a straight-up horror movie, until The Silent House, directed by Gustavo Hernández. The movie premiered last year at Cannes, and, in a startling display of efficiency, there's already an American remake starring an Olsen sister. Now you can see a trailer, and it's creepy as hell. I'm definitely excited for this, and not just because I'm a sucker for long takes and single-setting horror movies and thrillers, like last year's Buried.