See The Trailer For Danny Boyle's Stage 'Frankenstein'

The second scariest use of morphing after that Michael Jackson video. Danny Boyle has a reputation of directing flashy and bombastic screen entertainments that grab the viewer from the beginning and don't let go until he saws off his own arm to escape. And while he's no stranger to the horror genre thanks to his work on the seminal fast-running-zombies movie 28 Days Later, it makes sense that this style would bring him back to the realm of the scary. But people were still surprised to hear that instead of doing another horror movie, he's working on a staged adaptation of the horror classic Frankenstein. Luckily, you'll be able to see this version of Frankenstein on the big screen even if you're nowhere near the stage. UNluckily, if you're in the US, you won't be able to experience one of the most interesting aspects of the production: The first showing of the play, on March 17 (the one that's getting a US release), will have Dr. Frankenstein played by Benedict Cumberbatch and the Monster by Johnny Lee Miller. Then, a week later, the actors will switch roles and do the play again. This trailer suggests this, by showing the Monster and his creator morphing into one another. Subtext! (via The Playlist)

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You know, to kids. Monster's University is opening this weekend, so kids everywhere have monsters on the brain. But which one is the scariest? In order to find out, the Screen Junkies investigative team has compiled a crack panel of researchers to give their expert opinions on the subject (FYI, one of these researchers apparently has a really weak dad). Check out the video to see these kids' reactions to everyone from the clown from It to the Cloverfield monster.


If 'Full House' Were A Horror Movie

A lot of strange doings in that house on the hill. If this Full House Without Michelle video posited that Danny Tanner could be insane, this video does a damn fine job of putting the final nail in that coffin. This out-of-context edit turns World's Best Dad Danny Tanner into World's Creepiest Oh My God He's A Monster Call The Police Dad. Honestly, in hindsight the Tanner household was terrifying and weird and that's not even taking into account Uncle Joey's woodchuck puppet. No wonder Stephanie got into meth.


Macauley Culkin Fights Monsters In ‘I Am Home Alone’

The holiday spirit has been lacking a bit around here lately. Luckily, we have this video of Macaulay Culkin battling vampires to help us recapture it. The holiday spirit has been lacking a bit around here but we've got a video here to help us recapture it. Not many know about this but the film we know as Home Alone was originally filmed to be an action thriller with strong horror elements. After it tested poorly, the studio demanded it re-cut as lighthearted family fare. The results broke box office records, so way to go studio. Luckily, Jeff Schmalz was able to unearth an earlier cut of the film. The one where Macauley Culkin stars as the last boy on Earth and fights off those vampires or zombies or whatever you want to call them. Without further ado, I Am Home Alone. (via Topless Robot)


Spike Lee's Take On 'Oldboy' Has A Trailer!

"Revenge is a dish best served cold(boy)." That's what I would put on the poster. Taking on a film as beloved as Oldboy is no easy feat. Do you stick to what worked in the first one or offer your own twist, putting your signature on the remake, but risking alienating fans of the original? It appears here that Spike Lee stuck pretty closely to the aesthetic and thematic elements of the first one, with just enough of Spike's signature style to call it his own. It looks like Oldboy, and with such a strong cast, perhaps we should should upgrade the prognosis for this film from cautiously optimistic to excited.


Kathie Lee Asks Martin Short How His Dead Wife Is Doing

"Good, not great," is how I would have responded. In a moment that's so very Kathie Lee, it pretty much is the culmination of her existence, here's a clip of The Today Show in which Kathie Lee asks Martin Short how his wife's doing. His wife died two years ago. As cringeworthy as the clip is (and it's really hard to imagine more embarrassing innocent mistake on live television), he answers in a very touching way that reaffirms his love for her after raising three kids. Short even had the class not to call her out on her mistake till after the commercial, instead just talking about how much he loves her. Martin Short: Making lemonade. Kathie Lee: Being stupid.


The "Ghost Dad" Horror Trailer Just Got a Lot Scarier

The idea of a supernatural Cosby haunting your family is nightmare material. Around Halloween, our dear friend Todd Spence released a recut trailer for Ghost Dad, showing us what the 1990 stinker would be like as a horror film. And now that Bill Cosby has become America's Greatest Monster, it's way scarier. I mean, it's still pretty funny, but damn...the idea of a supernatural Cosby haunting your family is nightmare material. Give it a look if you missed it the first time around.