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New ‘Your Highness’ Trailer Features Possible Weed And Nudity

David Gordon Green‘s upcoming Your Highness promises to be a raunchy comedy the likes of which you haven’t seen since last month’s raunchy comedy. This one does have wizards, though. It also has Danny McBride in what appears to be a slight variation on Kenny Powers but with a bad British accent (this isn’t an insult, that sounds awesome and I’ll be there opening night). This has been somewhat belied by previous green-band trailers, that have gone so far as to obscure Natalie Portman’s ass in a thong – even though that was declared Safe for Work by The Screen Junkies Coalition for Decency in the Media. Now we have a new red-band trailer, which in addition to Portman’s aforementioned bethonged ass, some almost-nudity from some other females. Also, there’s something other than cigarettes being smoked – probably weed. If you think this isn’t too much for your delicate sensibilities, you can check out the trailer. If not, don’t worry – there will probably be a green-band alternative for you soon. (MSN)

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