See The New Short Film/Nike Ad With Kobe Bryant ‘The Black Mamba’

Kobe Bryant and his co-star, explosions. You've already read a little about Machete's Robert Rodriguez's short film for Nike called The Black Mamba starring Kobe Bryant, Danny Trejo, Bruce Willis, and Kanye West. Now, you can see it for yourself! I watched the whole thing, and other than an insatiable desire to buy Nike sneakers, I think it's a pretty cool little movie. Kobe Bryant is pretty funny in his scenes with Robert Rodriguez and he does a good job pretending to be a basketball player. My one complaint would be that Kanye West is far too babyfaced to play a super-villain. Look at him, he's adorable! (via io9)

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DON'T PASS On The Trailer For Kobe Doc 'Kobe Bryant's Muse'

I'd watch it if it was produced by Shaq and Phil Jackson. Showtime is still prepping the documentary Kobe Bryant's Muse, which they assure the public will present "a side of Kobe Bryant that the public has never seen before." One could only presume that means a decent side, a side aware that other humans exist and deserve respect, a side that honors the institution of marriage, a side that passes the ball when it realizes its broken-down body is not what it used to be. That kind of side. (I don't like Kobe Bryant very much.) And I'm sure the portrayal of the star Laker will be fair and even-handed, since it will be produced by Kobe Bryant himself. Stephen Espinoza of Showtime offers this cryptic pull quote to Variety: “Rarely has a superstar athlete afforded this type of access and engaged in this level of self-reflection during his playing career. Throughout his NBA career, Kobe has been an intensely private person, so in many ways this film is the antithesis of the Kobe Bryant that the public has come to know.” If Kobe is exercising self-reflection during tantrums like this, then I'm Helena Bonham Carter. Gosh, even the title of this documentary is painfully romantic. If, for any reason, you want to spend more time with this person, you can tune in to the documentary premiere on Showtime in February.


How Do You Improve 'The Canyons' Trailer? The Same Way You Improve Everything. Add Kanye West.

It just needed the drama ratcheted up a little. The Canyons hasn't exactly enjoyed good press since the proejct was announced. There was the Lohan piece in The New York Times, the film festival snubs, and a general sense of dread in the critical world. However, all those hiccups seem to disappear when you put the film against a near-perfect Kanye West song. It fits the nihilistic mood well, and adds a gravity to the film that actually feels organic. The quality of the film certainly remains to be seen, but this trailer gets two thumbs up.


Back In <del>Black</del> Orange: 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 Trailer

Take another look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos. Orange Is The New Black is back with a trailer for season two which was almost the perfect opportunity to use AC/DC's "Back In Black." Almost. Thanks to the shortsightedness of the show titling dept., there will be no rocking with anybody's anything out. The Netflix original series gives us a look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos.


New 'Men In Black III' Trailer Reminds Us 'Men In Black III' Is Coming

Here come the Men in Black. Again. It's only three short months until Men in Black III hits the theaters, demonstrating exactly what all the drama from Will Smith's trailer (the giant one he parked in the middle of a New York street), Will Smith's supposed re-write of the script, and probably a lot of other Will Smith-related issues result in. Judging by this trailer, it's a lot of inconsistent stylization and some bizarre half-jokes from...yup, Will Smith. The 1960s time-travel story line seems to be tenuous at best, as though a writers' room had settled on a script, then a junior writer raised his hand and said, "What about Mad Men?" Then the entire room decided that they needed to set the movie in Austin Powers 1960s rather than any era that actually existed. One final note: The bikes that the agents ride look exactly like the vehicles from South Park that plug people's asses and mouths, but are still better than going through security at the airport.


Here's Every Reference To (And Synonym For) 'Vagina' On 'Orange Is The New Black'

Oddly enough, never once do they refer to it as a "man-cave." Considering the nature of the show, and how borderline graphic/racy/candid it is, I'm surprised that the clip is only coming in at :57. I would have thought that it would be at least two hours, but then again, they edited this thing pretty tightly. Mostly, it's just people saying "pussy" a lot, which, if I wanted to hear repeated ad nauseum, I would just hang out with my friends. Anyway, hope that everyone had a very Orange is the New Black weekend. Enjoy the profanity.


'Orange Is The New Black' Gives Us The First Season 3 Trailer

It's light on plot, but it's got "dramedy" written all over it. It's been a year since your Facebook feed was riddled with posts anticipating the sophomore season of Orange is the New Black, so now we get our first look at season three of the Netflix dramedy that suggests life in a women's prison isn't really like Cinemax led us to believe. We don't get much in the way of story here, which is probably good, since that means I don't have to navigate spoiler territory, but it's safe to say that the tone of the trailer is in keeping with the tone of earlier seasons. Also, it warrants mentioning that Piper's looking a little rougher around the edges than before. Don't be surprised if we see her stray further into morally ambiguous waters. (Deadline)


Internet Completely Baffles 1994 Bryant Gumbel

This clip from "The Today Show" in 1994, where Bryant Gumbel doesn't know what crazy things like "internet" and "@" symbol mean, is like watching the beginning of time unfold. To me, last year's internet -- The Double Rainbow Guy, The Trololo Guy, The Evil Clown Rappers Who Hate Magnets -- feels like ancient history. So this clip from "The Today Show" in 1994, where Bryant Gumbel doesn't know what crazy things like "internet" and "@" symbol mean, is like watching the beginning of time unfold. A few highlights: - Katie Couric and bright orange Bryant Gumbel can't agree on how "@" should read. Turns out the well-dressed Oompa Loompa was right. - "What is internet anyway," wonders Gumbel. All you need to know is that it's coming and Hamsters will dance on it soon enough. - "What, do you write to it, like mail?" Oh, Mr. Gumbel... of course you write to it. The internet is powered entirely by human letters. - "Computer billboard..." (?) I remember information super highway, global eVillage and magical data supermarket, but not computer billboard. The internet would be way cooler if it was one giant poster for True Lies.