See Ryan Gosling Break Up A (Real) Fight In NYC

You know, the guy from the movie. Ryan Gosling has to be one of the most talented actors working today. Not only does he have the ability to embody countless characters (plus, he sang in Blue Valentine), he's apparentl taken to walking the streets of New York City helping people. For proof, just check out this video. I'll give you a minute to watch it. [post-video postid="222413"]Finished? Anyway, in the video, two New Yorkers get into a dispute over an exchange of goods, and the argument escalates into a physical confrontation. Of course, one lucky teenager was on the scene, raptly documenting the action with a video camera before Gosling even arrived to break it up. So remember: Next time you're in trouble, just activate the Gosling Signal and sit tight. Help is on the way. (Vulture)