See 'Moonrise Kingdom' Through The Rummed-Up Eyes Of Bill Murray

We learn so much. Bill Murray made good use of his downtime on the set of Moonrise Kingdom by agreeing to give the viewer a personal tour of the film as only Bill Murray can. Possibly with the assistance of Sailor Jerry Spice Rum. Here are a few of the things we learn from the video.
  • Bill Murray plays a man in the film.
  • Wes Anderson wears short pants.
  • Tilda Swinton can do whatever she wants.
  • Bill Murray doesn't watch films that he's not in.
  • Edward Norton gets a lot of psycho work.
  • People in short pants get mugged more often than average-panted people.
  • You can make your own pants at home using loud materials.
I hope this is a short pilot pitch for a series called Bill Murray on Film. Get after it, IFC.

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Watch Bill Murray Squawk It Up As Carl Spackler

Bill Murray is at it again! There's a 99% chance that you have never seen the CNBC program "The Squawk Box." So I thought it would be useful to let you know that American Hero Bill Murray recently appeared on the program to promote-- well, he was on there. It pains me to say this, but his appearance doesn't rank up there with his best work. He doesn't even go into his famous Caddyshack character until about 7 minutes in. Still, it might be worth watching for Bill Murray and Carl Spackler completists. (via MovieLine)


This 'Dumb And Dumber To' Clip Features A Bill Murray Cameo In Full Meth-Making Gear

Enjoy some Cajun-style meth. Dumb and Dumber To hit theaters late last night, and enjoys its widespread release today. We thought you should know of one fun cameo in the film that would likely go by unnoticed. And if you think this is a spoiler, I have some choice words for you. This is not a spoiler. This doesn't affect the plot, and no one was going to recognize Bill Murray's voice through a muffled plastic suit. That is all. Beyond that, Murray is just one of many, many people making cameos in the film. While we don't have an exhaustive list, we do know that Jennifer Lawrence's name has been thrown around a lot. But her name is always thrown around. She's Jennifer Lawrence. Take a look and enjoy a cat's butt for a second.


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Darth Vader Plans His Takeover Of The Magic Kingdom

Who to choke the air out of first? In reaction to the news that Disney has purchased the rights to Star Wars sequels from LucasFilm, Darth Vader decided to swing by the Magical Kingdom to see who he should enslave and crush first. It's a cute video, but seriously Disney? Everyone knows that Darth Vader dies at the end of Chapter VI, so there's no way he can appear in the next trilogy. Would it kill you to pay attention to the details? We're trusting you with this, mmmkay? Don't f*ck it up.


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