See 'Moonrise Kingdom' Through The Rummed-Up Eyes Of Bill Murray

We learn so much. Bill Murray made good use of his downtime on the set of Moonrise Kingdom by agreeing to give the viewer a personal tour of the film as only Bill Murray can. Possibly with the assistance of Sailor Jerry Spice Rum. Here are a few of the things we learn from the video.
  • Bill Murray plays a man in the film.
  • Wes Anderson wears short pants.
  • Tilda Swinton can do whatever she wants.
  • Bill Murray doesn't watch films that he's not in.
  • Edward Norton gets a lot of psycho work.
  • People in short pants get mugged more often than average-panted people.
  • You can make your own pants at home using loud materials.
I hope this is a short pilot pitch for a series called Bill Murray on Film. Get after it, IFC.