See Jamie Foxx Turn Into Electro

It kind of looks like a Method Man music video. "I can feel it in the walls... I can feel it in my veins..." No. These are not Ying Yang Twins lyrics but the first we hear from Jamie Foxx as Electro. This is just a tease to tide us over until this Saturday when Sony and Marc Webb reveal exclusive footage of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain at Comic-Con. Rumor has it he'll be twerking.

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Peter Parker Gets Inverted For 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer

Let me guess, he's a misunderstood hero in this one? Fans of bombast and urban acrobatics rejoice! Andrew Garfield, dressed up like a young Peter Parker, returns for the final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, coming May 2 in glorious Imax 3D. This time around, we will see the familiar (cinematic swoops through buildings, big falls, and 3D-friendly shots) and some new(er) villains in Electro (Jaime Foxx) and Henry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). Let's hope that this one is a winner, as it's supposedly laying the groundwork for several Avengers-style spinoffs, and those things could get tedious if they start off on the wrong foot.


'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Teaser Is Here

Yay? In case you weren't in Times Square for New Year's Eve a couple nights ago, have no fear, we've got the Spider-Man teaser that premiered to the crowd there. So you can have the same experience as all those mouth-breathing tourists who herd themselves into the most crowded, obvious terrorism target in the world. As an aside, how odd is that the "treat" that the attendees received was essentially a commercial for a movie? Thy could have at least shown those Anchorman Dodge ads.


Web 2.0: 'Amazing Spider-Man' Teaser

Get to know Peter Parker all over again. [post-album postid="217572" item="1"]Sony's teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man has leaked in advance of Comic-Con. Much like comic book and movie lovers probably did upon viewing the trailer. Overall, it looks like a somewhat darker look at the webslinger. Here, Andrew Garfield's Peter is portrayed as more of a sensitive loner than Tobey Maguire's total nuuurd take on the character. It's a little light on the action but we are privy to a bridge shot where something (most likely the Lizard) is throwing cars into the air with ease as well as a Spidey POV shot as he swings from Manhattan rooftops which looks like a really cool video game intro. Let's hope those effects aren't slated to appear in the final film.


Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 13 Minutes or Less

That's right folks, Honest Trailers and CinemaSins switched bodies to take on one of 2014's most sinful movies. Everyone gets us mixed up anyway, so why not? What in the world?! That's right folks, Honest Trailers and CinemaSins switched bodies to take on one of 2014's most sinful movies: The Amazing Spider-Man 2. You heard that right: we made an Everything Wrong With... and they made an Honest Trailer (watch it here!). Everyone gets us mixed up anyway, so why not? Thanks to everyone at CinemaSins for letting us play in their sandbox, and thanks to all our fans who helped Screen Junkies pass 3 million subscribers on YouTube! Become a Screen Junkie! ?? Click here to see more Honest Trailers ??


Get Teased With This Teaser Tailer For Disney's Animated 'Zootopia'

I hope you like puns and animals dressed as people! Thought it's not hitting theaters until next March, we've got our first look of the animation style and characters in Disney's upcoming "animals-as-people" film Zootopia. Off hand, it doesn't look like it's too revolutionary, but it DOES have Jason Bateman as an animated character, so we're inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt. Oh, wait. I hadn't watched the whole trailer before writing that last sentence. They say the film is "“like nothing you’ve seen be-fur." Be-fur? Oh, BEFORE. Never mind. I get it. That's hilarious.


New 'Amazing Spider Man' Trailer Thickens The Plot

You only thought you knew the origin of Spider-Man... Not to be outdone in the week that brings us a final Dark Knight Rises trailer and the release of The Avengers, Sony is back with another trailer for this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man. Here we're pulled into Peter Parker's world as he web-slings high about the streets of.... Neo-Tokyo? I guess that's the super-slick Hollywood version of New York City. Filmed on location in the Neon Skyscraper District. In addition to the action, we're also given a glimpse of the mystery. Who is that raspy-voiced, shadowy figure demanding to know if Dr. Curt Connors told Peter the truth about his father. Is it Norman Osborne? Peter's dad?? Denis Leary after a heavy smoking day??? All will be revealed when The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters on June 30th.


Paramount Offers A New 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Trailer To Tide You Over

Coming Soon. For real this time. When Paramount made the last minute decision to rob the summer of 2012 of its greatest pleasure, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, in order to add more Channing Tatum, they drew our ire. And made an other perfect episode of Workaholics make little sense. But now Paramount would like to remind you, that this movie still exists and will be in theaters soon. The new trailer focuses mostly on Cobra's nefarious plot to destroy the world by impersonating the President of the United States (could happen), as well as the remaining Joes and their effort to take back the country and avenge their fallen comrades. The ragtag crew includes The Rock, Bruce Willis, a hot chick, a Latino guy, and various ninjas. One of which is also a hot chick. I hope they succeed. They're our last hope. Who else can defeat sword-wielding ninjas on a mountainside while the highest office hangs in the balance? Certainly not Dennis Quaid.


Jimmy Kimmel Revealed As Mastermind Behind The Flaming Twerk Video

You've made us all to look as FOOLS, Kimmel! Last week a video surfaced online that was perfect. Too perfect. It had it all: twerking, dat ass, and horrible injury. How could the Internet resist? At the time, there were skeptics but nobody was really sure who was behind it and for what reason. Final Destination reboot teaser? Nathan For You prank? We could only lay in wait for the mastermind to reveal himself. Or herself. Or themselves. But it turns out it was a himself. Nearly 10 million views later, Jimmy Kimmel has outed himself as being the mastermind behind the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire" video. The talented lady involved is actually an actress. And she does her own stunts. Above you can see Kimmel's interview with her, leading into the reveal.