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See Abed’s Cameo On ‘Cougar Town’ As Promised By ‘Community’

If you’ve succumbed to peer pressure and have been watching “Community” on NBC, you know that it has a Special Relationship with the ABC show”Cougar Town.” It culminated last night on “Cougar Town,” when none other than Abed himself, Danny Pudi, could be seen in the background during a scene on the show. And if you watch the clip above, you’ll see that it’s not just Pudi picking up some work as an extra, he’s in character as Abed, which quite frankly is making me a little dizzy.

6 photosMichelle Krusiec

This isn’t the first co-mingling of the two series. Dan Byrd and Busy Philipps, the principals of the scene above, appeared as extras on an episode of “Community.” I … I need to sit down. (The Washington Post)

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