See A Trailer For 'Doctor Kong', Maybe Get Laid

“I’m playing Donkey Kong so I can get laid." Ever since the popular documentary The King of Kong, America has been clamoring for more documentaries about weirdos who play "Donkey Kong" too much (also movies with "on like Donkey Kong" on the poster). And now, as if in response to that great national call, Doctor Kong: Cutting Up The Competition is loosed on an unsuspecting world. This particular weirdo is Hank Chien, a plastic surgeon who recently got the world record "Donkey Kong" score, making him Donkey Kong World Champion, or something. This title seems to change hands a lot, so I'm not sure who the actual reigning champion is. Chien seems like a really cool and likable person, so I bet this movie will be fun to watch while it slowly gets released as the year goes on. Anyone want to come over and play "Donkey Kong" with me after the movie? I'm not talking about the video game, I mean for real. I have a ton of barrels. And a hostage. (via /Film)

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'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' Trailer Harnesses Gamer Power

If only real life offered 1-Ups... The Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Facebook page hit 100,000 fans at 1:30am this morning, and that means the full length trailer has been unleashed. A big thank you goes out to all the drunks who stumbled back to their homes last night and stamped barbeque sauce on their keyboards as they eagerly "Liked" the fan page. Scott Pilgrim, based off the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley, follows a guy (Michael Cera) as he tries to defeat a girl's (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to make shiz official with her. His world becomes a big video game full of 1-Ups, vibrant color trails, and onamonapias. According to the film's tag, the studio wants you to believe  that it's on like Donkey Kong, but unless one of the ex-boyfriends is a giant ape in a dress tie, I'm going to have to insist that it's on like something else. Check out the trailer after the jump. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World BAMS! into theaters August 13, 2010.


It's The End Of The World As We Know It In 'Melancholia' Trailer

This may be your last chance to tell Kiefer Sutherland how you really feel about him. The good news is that Kirsten Dunst is about to be hit by another planet. The bad news is that so are we. Fair trade though, right? Lars Von Trier's Antichrist follow-up, Melancholia, looks like it won't leave you any less bummed out but it does seem like it won't make theater-goers vomit. Which is usually a plus. The film stars Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg as sisters who rub one another the wrong way while a newly revealed planet barrels toward Earth on a collision course. Will this dysfunctional family collide with one another in the face of this threat? Or will they shatter to pieces?? This may be your last chance to tell Kiefer Sutherland how you really feel about him.


'I Am Chris Farley' Documentary Trailer: Little Coat, Big Heart

Gone but not forgotten. A documentary about the tornado that was Chris Farley is headed to theaters at the end of July. The world knows him as the hyperactive comedian who cannonballed his way into fame in the 1990's via SNL and a string of films. But what happens to such an energetic performer when they need to turn it off? I Am Chris Farley gathers interviews with his friends and family to discuss the Chris Farley we didn't see and to celebrate his one of a kind presence.


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Fred Armisen And Bill Hader Bring The Truth In 'Documentary Now!' Trailer

It's documentary filmmaking except totally made up. Not all documentaries have to be staid, boring, bummerific, or in a language you don't even understand. IFC's new series Documentary Now! is here to point out that documentaries can also be about fun topics - like Bill Hader wearing sweatpants on his head. Educational and entertaining! The series from Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Myers captures the world of documentary filmmaking through another lens. One where everything is completely made up. Starring Armisen and Hader, the six-episode series will cover topics like the journalists who travel to Mexico to investigate drug cartels, an indifferent ‘70s rock band, a look at Iceland’s annual Al Capone Festival, a dramatic exposé on the world’s first documentary about the Inuit, and much more. It all starts on August 20th.


Final 'Fantastic Four' Trailer: The Doctor Is In

And ugly as get-out. The new trailer for Fantastic Four that premiered at Comic-Con gives fans what they really want, a look at Doctor Doom. While the villain is still mostly kept in the shadows, there are some quick glimpses of how fugly the teleportation accident leaves him. We also see Reed Richards and Ben Grimm as boyhood friends before Reed's experiments transformed them both. Given Doom's deformities, I can understand his position but I feel that Ben Grimm/The Thing really has the biggest ax to grind seeing as he clearly lost his wang. At least Doom can still get chicks. He is a doctor after all.