See A Trailer For 'Doctor Kong', Maybe Get Laid

“I’m playing Donkey Kong so I can get laid." Ever since the popular documentary The King of Kong, America has been clamoring for more documentaries about weirdos who play "Donkey Kong" too much (also movies with "on like Donkey Kong" on the poster). And now, as if in response to that great national call, Doctor Kong: Cutting Up The Competition is loosed on an unsuspecting world. This particular weirdo is Hank Chien, a plastic surgeon who recently got the world record "Donkey Kong" score, making him Donkey Kong World Champion, or something. This title seems to change hands a lot, so I'm not sure who the actual reigning champion is. Chien seems like a really cool and likable person, so I bet this movie will be fun to watch while it slowly gets released as the year goes on. Anyone want to come over and play "Donkey Kong" with me after the movie? I'm not talking about the video game, I mean for real. I have a ton of barrels. And a hostage. (via /Film)