See A Trailer For A Documentary About 'Everybody Loves Raymondsky'

The North Korean version should be pretty good, too. "Everybody Loves Raymond" is one of the most popular sitcoms to ever be on TV. And now it seems that our friends in Russia (who also like X-Men) want a piece of that action, and they're going to the show's creator Phil Rosenthal to get it. Funny, right? Well, as you can see in the trailer, even though this all really happened, Exporting Raymond kind of seems like a sitcom on its own. Or at least it's been edited to look that way. Personally, I'd only watch "Everybody in Russia Hates Phil" if it were on HBO. Here's a plot synopsis, in case the trailer isn't clear enough:
"Writers can often form a strange relationship with their own work and sometime it can be hard to let it go. Follow Phil Rosenthal, Emmy Award-winning creator of the hit TV series Everybody Loves Raymond, in this incredibly funny documentary about the attempt to translate Raymond into a Russian sitcom."
Exporting Raymond is entering a theater near you to thunderous and annoying applause from the live studio audience on April 29th. (via /Film)