See A Romantic New Clip From 'Drive'

The softer side of 'Drive'. Many people (including me) expected Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive to be hard-charging action movie in the vein of The French Connection or The Getaway. But apparently it's a little more complicated than that, as this scene from the movie proves. It shows Ryan Gosling subtly putting the moves on Carey Mulligan, who appears to be trying to look as much like Michelle Williams as possible. This is probably because of Gosling's insistence on only working with actresses who look like or are Michelle Williams. You also get to see Bryan Cranston in action as Gosling's mechanic boss (note: don't get excited, that doesn't say "mechanical boss"), which is nice, especially if you're a fan of"Breaking Bad." Not much badassery in this clip, but I still have hope for the overall badassity of the movie as a whole. (Vulture)