Second 'Three Musketeers' Trailer Sprinkles In Some Steampunk

They might be the ones to blame for all this "steampunk" nonsense. [post-album postid="218308" item="1"]Did you know that the Three Musketeers often dabbled in air-to-air combat? Alexander Dumas didn't know that, but director Paul W. S. Anderson did, so it's only natural that he would introduce Victorian airship dogfights into his adaptation of the literary classic. Beyond that, we're looking at an evil empire, somehow more that three musketeers, and the world's most dangerous assassin, who happens to be a lady. That's no typo...a lady assassin. Crazy! Points for the film for casting Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovavich, and Christoph Waltz. Points against the film for having zero songs that feature the soothing voices of Sting, Bryan Adams, and Rod Stewart. We'll say that's a push.