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Sean Penn Acts Weird Even By Sean Penn Standards In ‘This Must Be The Place’

The greatest minds of our generation wouldn’t be able to determine exactly what is unfolding here. The plot of This Must Be the Place follows Sean Penn’s drug-addled aging rock star as he hunts his father’s executioner, who happens to be a Nazi. I’m not sold on the likelihood that a baby-talking Robert Smith clone would really be all that effective in tracking and hunting Nazis. Sean Penn appears to have Frances McDormand on his side, which, Fargo demonstrated, is nothing to sneeze at. The woman can kick ass when she needs to.

There isn’t much more to analyze in this clip, so perhaps you can get back to the :24 mark and enjoy the strangest laugh in the history of cinema. I’ve tried to duplicate it several times while sitting at my computer, and I’m just not getting it.

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