Screen Junkies Show: Shocking Celebrity Cartoon Voices!

You'll be SHOCKED! Are you capable of being SHOCKED by cartoon trivia? If you answered "yes," do you also enjoy being SHOCKED? If you answered "no" to either question, please read another article. This might bore you. If you answered "yes," then get ready to be...a little surprised...when you learn the identity of some of your favorite cartoon characters, many characters you aren't familiar with, and some characters you might be familiar with, but don't really care for. It's gonna be crazy. Watch this video, and learn who the stars were behind some of your favorite childhood (and adulthood) icons.

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Steve Coogan And Rob Brydon Give Us More Michael Caine Impressions

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Move Over Zombies, Dinosaurs Are Headed To Television

The Super Bowl showed us more than just robots, superheroes, pirates, aliens, topless Olivia Wilde, and douchebags. It also showed us which programs Fox hopes they won't have to cancel this fall. Dinosaurs, man. What if? That's the question that Steven Spielberg wants to ask (again). The Super Bowl showed us more than just robots, superheroes, pirates, aliens, topless Olivia Wilde, and douchebags. It also showed us which programs Fox hopes they won't have to cancel this fall. The network has teamed up with Spielberg to produce "Terra Nova," a show that sends a family 85 million years into the past to find the key to rebuild a deadened Earth. What they find instead are the leftovers from the Avatar set that James Cameron didn't have the heart to scrap. Waterfalls, rainforest, and Stephen Lang. But he may be playing a good guy this time as evidenced by his beard. All the best people throughout history had beards -- Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Santa, Steven Spielberg, Kenny Rogers, writers during the Writers Strike, and your uncle who is perpetually struggling to get his landscaping business off the ground. You'll get there Uncle Mike. Just keep pruning. Just keep pruning.


The New Ryan Lochte Show Might Be The Stupidest Thing On Television

I don't say that lightly. Even by E! and Ryan Lochte standards, the upcoming show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? is a total travesty. Namely because the premise of the show is completely muted and smothered by, "Hey, Ryan Lochte, amiright, ladies?" It's clear that he doesn't know what he should be doing on this show, and it's clear that the E! producers don't have any clearer a picture. So without further ado, go ahead and get dumber with this clip promoting a good-looking idiot with no other material premise to speak of. God bless.


'The Greatest Event In Television History' Almost Lives Up To Its Name

Of course, it's Adult Swim, so you know there's no chance that they're not going to take the opportunity to screw with their audience. And honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way. With all the build-up of the Adult Swim marketing machine, fans of both Cartoon Network and the countless stars attached to the project were expecting...something. And something is exactly what they got. If by "something," you meant a "shot-for-shot remake of the Simon & Simon opening credits but with Jon Hamm and Adam Scott in the lead roles." Just watch, ok?


'Showrunners' Reveals How Much TV Producers Hate The TV Industry

If you like television, you'll be interested to know that the producers think making your shows is a thankless grind that isn't even worth the trouble. Pretty soon, you'll be able to go to the movies and get a crash-course in TV thanks to the upcoming documentary Showrunners. The doc will pull back the curtain on many of your favorite shows, allowing you access to the writers rooms and providing stories on how exactly some of the biggest shows in TV came to be. That's the good news. The bad news is, despite the circulation of a trailer, this doc isn't coming out until 2012. So if there's some info on "Lost" that you're itching to get, you'll have to wait. Or look it up on one of the 54 million "Lost" sites out there on the Internet. While you might not recognize the people, or even their names, chances are if you watch TV, there's something in this for you. And from what is shown here, they speak very frankly about the forces at work in the business. From Movieline, here's a rundown of the people featured in just the trailer: Damon Lindelof (LOST) David Shore (House) Michael Wright, head of programming for TNT Steven S. DeKnight (Spartacus: Sand and Blood) Mike Royce and Ray Romano (Men of a Certain Age) Anthony LaPaglia David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman (Fringe) Matthew Carnahan (Dirt) Ben Silverman (Ugly Betty, The Tudors) Mark Schwan (One Tree Hill) Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) Finally, we'll get to see how the entertainment marvel that is "One Tree Hill" came to be.


TLC Takes Spectacle Television To New Heights With 'All-American Muslim'

They opted out of the working title 'Look At These Weird Muslims!' TLC, realizing that they've already done midgets, polygamists, and families that breed like rabbits, have decided to branch out with a show that lets middle America know that there are at least five Muslim families that aren't currently plotting to blow up our monuments, hospitals, and schools. All-American Muslim follows five Muslim families that reside in Dearborn, Michigan, a town with the highest density of Muslims in the United States. In an interview with AOLTV (why, AOLTV?), two of the families shed some light on what the series is and isn't about. Hint: They won't be up to Jersey Shore-like antics, which is a shame, because that's probably the only circumstance under which I would watch this show. Assuming this show accomplishes its goal and depicts the five families as normal, well-adjusted Americans (which I'm sure they are), why the hell would anyone watch it? The only way this would serve as any sort of entertainment is if the subjects were doing very strange things (and by "strange," I don't mean praying to Mecca or practicing Islam). It sounds like a Muslim The Osbournes. Hmmm. Maybe I will watch it. Also, don't be alarmed or unsettled for the U.S. Army recruiting ad that is placed before this video. I'm sure that's....just a coincidence. Geez, TLC, you're really firing on all cylinders here, aren't you? 


Earlier Reports Were Wrong, THIS Is The Greatest Event In Television History

Please inform neighbors and loved ones. Earlier reports that the Simon & Simon opening credits recreation starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm was The Greatest Event in Television History were incorrect. It is, in fact, this recreation of the Hart to Hart opening credit sequence starring beloved star Amy Poehler and working actor Scott that is The Greatest Event in Television History. I apologize for any previous confusions.


Ultimate Game of Thrones Spin-off Movie? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

Nick Mundy, Spencer Gilbert, and Dan Murrell lock horns with host Andy Signore to pitch the ultimate Game of Thrones movie! Nick Mundy (Conan & Screen Junkies), Spencer Gilbert (Honest Trailers), and Dan Murrell (Editor  of Screen Junkies) debate with host Andy Signore (Creator of Honest Trailers) over the following Movie Fights for the week of 4/10: 0:06:47  FIGHT 1 - Pitch the ultimate Game of Thrones movie! 0:18:40  FIGHT 2 - What movie franchise should be R-rated? 0:29:28  FIGHT 3 - What should Joss Whedon's next project be? 0:42:35  FIGHT 4 - Best fictional world to have a first date in? 0:50:31  FIGHT 5 - Which movie character should have a prequel? 1:03:28  FIGHT 6 - Best movie of the 2000s? 1:15:50  FIGHT 7 - Pitch the perfect remake movie? 1:32:20  FIGHT 8 - Speed round Download the audio version on iTunes! at our NEW RSS Feed ?? Get Screen Junkies Gear!:


Tuesday Night TV Roundup

FOX rules the airwaves tonight, so give your channel surfing thumb a much needed rest, kick back and enjoy House and Fringe. FOX rules the airwaves tonight, so give your channel surfing thumb a much needed rest, kick back and enjoy House and Fringe. Prime Time TV   House Tuesday 8/7c, on FOX *Special Extended Episode Last week a woman, notorious for kidnapping people and releasing them after she drives them insane, abducted a child. Tonight, an investigation of a bizzare tragedy at Massive Dynamic spawns Olivia's desire to erase her memories of John Scott, while Peter's whereabouts are revealed to some unsavory players from his murky past. Late Show Round-Up (From Best to Worst) Conan 1235/1135c NBC Kanye West (also the music act), Seth McFarlaneCraig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS Neil Patrick Harris, Julia Fordham, Special Guest Betty White Letterman 1130/1030c CBSReese Witherspoon, Harry Connick Jr.Leno 1135/1035c NBC Josh Brolin, Chelsea Handler, The Killers BTW, no new Daily Show or Colbert Report until December 1st... 8( Happy