Screen Junkies Investigates: Is Johnny Knoxville Playing Full Retard In 'The Last Stand'?

They really shouldn't be giving him weapons. There's a new trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand that focuses more on the quirky, comedic aspects of the movie. More specifically, it focuses on Johnny Knoxville acting like a major tardball. It begs the question: is this character supposed to be a developmentally-disabled adult? Let's take a closer look. First of all, the guy's a fashion nightmare. Who wears a bathrobe outside of the home paired with pilot googles and a Trapper's hat? By Hollywood standards, that style of dress makes a character either mentally-handicapped or a quirky Asian. And we can all clearly see this character is not Asian because he does not show off any karate skills. Secondly, he makes whooping noises and sticks his tongue out a lot. He's essentially Arnie Grape with a flare gun. In which case, did Knoxville learn nothing from The Ringer? Not that there's anything wrong with a mentally-handicapped adult squaring off against a border-crossing psychopath. In fact, that's a movie I'd really like to see. I just wish they'd play up that aspect in the marketing so I'm not left guessing.