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‘Scream 4′ TV Spot And Pics Make Us Forget All About ‘Scream 3′

The new Scream 4 TV spot does its job pretty well. I kind of want to see Scream 4. The stills (below) and video are beginning to convince me that beyond all the self-referential crap and winking to the audience, there might be a decent scary movie here. The movie feels fresh, and not just in the context of it being a fourth installment. And lots of teenagers get killed, which always makes me happy. They egged my house last Halloween.

I think this might be the bad guy.

Pensive Dewey.

Angry Dewey.

He JUST washed those!

This would be sexier if there was cocaine on that knife.

Three women “acting.”

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  1. March 18, 2011 4:19 pm


    i wondered if scream 4 was gonna take a saw-ish turn. glad it didn’t.

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