Scary Movie Scene Supercut

A collection of the most frightening scenes cinema has to offer. It's been a while since we did a supercut, so we put together this montage of some of the scariest scenes cinema has to offer. While the clips do tend to come from the horror genre, that wasn't a prerequisite for making the list. Films like Jurassic Park and Predator don't really qualify as horror films, yet they both have some extremely frightening scenes that made it in. By that logic, I'm not really sure why the Kathy Bates hot tub scene in About Schmidt didn't qualify. As it just so happens, another scary film by the name of Silent House hits theaters this Friday (March 9th), so if our supercut has put you in the mood for horror, go and check it out. And when you get to the theater, tell them "ScreenJunkies sent you." We get an extra nickle every time someone says that.

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Hot Girl Halloween Kills Supercut

Horror movies sure do like to kill off young women. If you're anything like me, you enjoy watching beautiful young women being systematically stalked and violently dismembered like they're nothing more than a piece of beef. Wait a second; I don't like that at all. But some people must. How else do you explain this supercut of hot girls being snuffed out in slasher films? It's not like we had a shortage of content to choose from. Sometimes it's more humorous than scary, and sometimes it's downright disturbing. But no matter which way you slice it, almost every horror movie has at least one hot girl getting murdered. Well, if you're bored with seeing hot chicks getting butchered, it's time to take matters into your own hands. No, I'm not telling you to start killing women I am, however, telling you to check out's Halloween Scare Contest, where you can enter your own scary video for a chance to earn up to $1000. Check out the link above for more details.


SNL Offers Us The Trailer For A Wes Anderson Horror Film

You'll be murdered with quirkiness and Kinks songs. The more films he puts out, the more Wes Anderson finds detractors pointing out that his schtick is wearing a little thin. Timeless (and not in a good way) fashion, songs that almost sound like nursery rhymes, and deadpan characters. I see how it could get a little tiring. However, maybe a genre shift would allow him a reprieve from these accusations. He could still do all the Wes Anderson-y stuff, but he would just have to have some people get killed. NBD. It's worth it just for the title reveal.


'Atrocious' Trailer Is Scary and Everyone's Totally Mexican

It's like 'Paranormal Activity' en espanol... y... la biblioteca? Watch el scariente trailerente (the spooky trailer) above. We're sure there are lots of low-budget, "found footage" horror movies being made, angling to be the next Paranormal Activity. However, they're all missing a key ingredient that Atrocious has in spades: a bunch of characters speaking Spanish! Get ready to be rocked out of your English-speaking comfort zone and into a world of having to read spooktitles (horror movie subtitles). Atrocious is the directorial debut of Mexican filmmaker Fernando Barreda Luna, and it will premiere at Slamdance this month. Sound familiar? That's because Paranormal Activity was the directorial debut of Israli filmmaker Oren Pell, and his film premiered at Slamdance, too. The coincidences are as eerie as a bunch of kids exploring a Mexican murder well! (Moviefone)


Elizabeth Olsen Has A Crappy Vacation In 'Silent House' Trailer

Rest and relaxation my foot. After a few breakout hits at Sundance, everyone wants Elizabeth Olsen these days. So much so that she's being stalked all over the place. In this trailer for Silent House, her dad is completely Facebook stalking her and then to make matters worse there's someone or something inside her summer house trying to attack her. This horror film is drawing rave reviews which means it must have a gimmick. Shot on the cheap as one continuous take, Silent House is a horror tale told in real time. Which means the viewer is essentially front row center as the main character spends the film trying to escape while more and more terrifying mysteries are brought into light. The film was sold to Lionsgate for $2 million after building good buzz at Sundance. That may not seem like a lot of profit in movie terms but keep in mind, they didn't need to hire an editor.


'The Conjuring' Trailer: So Scary I May Have Pooped On My Underpants

Yet another reason why playing with your kids is a bad idea. James Wan has found himself a nice little niche. Step 1) Make very scary movies for very little money. Step 2) Go to the bank. Previously, Wan earned $100 million on a $1.5 million investment with Insidious. His latest, The Conjuring, looks scary enough to earn all the money. Stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga (who don't appear in this trailer) play a husband and wife team of ghost hunters investigating a remote farmhouse. They quickly learn that they are in over their heads when the supernatural activity grows more and more violent. I'm really impressed by the hide and seek sequence featured in this trailer. Suppose you're a ghost and a new family moves into your house and immediately starts playing hide and seek while blindfold. How can you not f**k with them? This ghost, though, just takes it to an amazing level. It deserves our respect. This film was originally slated for January 2013 release but due to resounding praise from audiences, the film was pushed back to August to rake in those sweet, sweet summer dollars.


If 'Full House' Were A Horror Movie

A lot of strange doings in that house on the hill. If this Full House Without Michelle video posited that Danny Tanner could be insane, this video does a damn fine job of putting the final nail in that coffin. This out-of-context edit turns World's Best Dad Danny Tanner into World's Creepiest Oh My God He's A Monster Call The Police Dad. Honestly, in hindsight the Tanner household was terrifying and weird and that's not even taking into account Uncle Joey's woodchuck puppet. No wonder Stephanie got into meth.


See The Trailer For The 'First Horror Film In One Continuous Shot'

Don't! Watch it! Alone! The single-shot movie has been a rare treat throughout movie history. Only a few filmmakers have ever attempted to make an entire movie in a single shot. Alfred Hitchcock wanted to do it with Rope, but technology at the time only allowed for shots of 10 or 11 minutes at a time. There's also Russian Ark, which is probably the most famous single-shot movie. But weirdly, the technique hasn't been used to make a straight-up horror movie, until The Silent House, directed by Gustavo Hernández. The movie premiered last year at Cannes, and, in a startling display of efficiency, there's already an American remake starring an Olsen sister. Now you can see a trailer, and it's creepy as hell. I'm definitely excited for this, and not just because I'm a sucker for long takes and single-setting horror movies and thrillers, like last year's Buried.


Watch The 'Cinema Six' Trailer Or I'll Cut You

It's kind of like a combination of My Dog Skip and Precious. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the trailer for Cinema Six, a film that chronicles the lives of three friends who work at a suburban movie theater. From what I can tell, the film is kind of like a combination of My Dog Skip and Precious. Plus, it's got Maurice (Barry Corbin) from Northern Exposure in it, which is always a good thing. Mason, Dennis, and Gabe have done it for years. But, years of neglecting the world outside the theater are finally catching up to them. Now, they have to make a decision; start on the long, hard path to maturity or stay at the theater, where they can avoid customers, screw with customers, and eat as much popcorn as they desire. The film was written and directed by Cole Selix and Break Media's very own Mark Potts, who just so happens to sit directly behind me. Potts also stars in the film, and you can hear him repeatedly saying "boobies" near the end of the trailer. I'm going to turn the volume all the way up and play that audio on repeat until HR comes and hauls him off for sensitivity training.