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Sarcastic Celebrities Want You to Vote

Let me start off by saying that you’d have to be an unfit dullard not to vote if you’re able. But, I was pretty sure that last year’s Vote of Die campaign proved that not even famous movie stars can get lazy 18-25 year olds to the polls. Just in case the problem was that the campaign wasn’t bitchy enough, more celebs have banded together in hopes to shame you into voting by being really condescending. Think Tracy Morgan’s "Don’t Vote" commercial from 30 Rock, only serous.

Jonah Hill is actually kind of funny, but I’m not entireley sure I agree with the message this video is giving off. The whole "vote no matter what" mentality makes me think that people are going to see this and think that as long as they get inside a voting booth in a couple weeks they’re doing the country some big favor, even if they know nothing about the issues or the way elections work. That’s why we’re going to end up with millions of votes for Ro Paul, even though he has picked the mythical unicorn as his running mate. I’m glad celebrities are making an effort, but I wish they would just stick to "standing up for cancer." Or at least bring back "We Are the World."

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