Sarah Hyland From 'Modern Family' Just Texted To Say I Love You

Keep in mind, she doesn't really love you. Check out this ne Break Original video, I Just Texted to Say I Love You, starring Modern Family's Sarah Hyland. It's just like the song, "I Just Called To Say I Love You", but ya know, all techie and stuff, because calling people is for losers...losers like your grandparents.
So help me God, I feel like a real creep staring at Sarah Hyland every time I watch Modern Family. But come to find out, she's 20 years old, so I don't have to feel bad at all! Hooray for small victories!

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Watch Trailer For The Sarah Palin Doc To End All Sarah Palin Docs (Hopefully)

Weird title, considering she isn't 'Undefeated'. If you thought you were going to be able to avoid reading more about that Sarah Palin-approved documentary about Sarah Palin - how's that workin' out for ya? Here it is, the trailer for The Undefeated, which is a rather curious title considering that Sarah Palin has been, in fact, defeated - twice if you count the time she quit halfway through. Anyway, the trailer is mercifully without the sound of Palin's voice, opting instead to go for the "talking heads talk about how amazing Sarah Palin is" route, which I guess helps to obscure the fact that this documentary was originated from a project conceived by Sarah Palin. Less fortunate is the absence of any of those explicit anti-Sarah Palin soundbites from people like Howard Stern and Louis CK, which are said to necessitate the release of an "unedited" version of the film in addition to a PG-13 version for general, less cool audiences. Anyway, here's the trailer - I recommend not watching it if you just ate.


Tweens And Creeps Take Note: Disney's 'Prom' Trailer Is Here

The biggest night ever for the awkward kid, pretty girl, outcast, token black couple, and kid planning to lose his virginity! Ah, prom! Remember that magical night? That unforgettable evening where you spent a lot of money on a tux, limo, and corsage all because your platonic female friend's older boyfriend didn't want to go with her? No, just me? Well, either way, that's not the plot of the upcoming Disney film Prom, which revolves around that ever so pivotal (at least in movies) night in the lives of several archetypal teenagers. Good luck to you, awkward kid, pretty girl, outcast, token black couple, and kid planning to lose his virginity! The film stars Aimee Teegarden, Cameron Monaghan, and Nicholas Braun, and it's in theaters April 29th. It promises to be fun for the whole family!* *If you're 12 years old and an orphan.


Michael Shannon Creeps The Bejesus Out Of You In 'The Iceman' Trailer

He'll kill you, then he'll read his kids a bedtime story. We've seen how disturbing Michael Shannon can be as a G-Man in Boardwalk Empire, and as a family man in the indie film Take Shelter, so it should be no surprise that when he goes full evil, it's a spectacle to behold. Such is his role in The Iceman as Richard Kulinski, one of the most notorious hitmen of all time. Good rule of thumb: Never cross Michael Shannon. Don't even talk to him. You'd probably be safer petting a wild tiger. Take a look.


Colin Hanks Is A Murderous Creep... In 'Lucky'

Colin Hanks has won the real lottery in addition to the genetic one. Colin Hanks has now won both the genetic lottery and the money one. As this trailer for Lucky shows Hanks plays a guy who wins the hand of the girl of his dreams after coming into serious dough. And, oh yeah, he's also a murderer who targets pretty, young, blonde women. Hey! Stop killing all the pretty, young, blonde women Colin Hanks!! We need those!!! Guess he's just practicing for Dexter-and-probably-be-killed-this-season/" target="_blank""Dexter." Poor Tom and Rita. One son prides himself a white rapper. The other is a murderer. It must be almost hard to choose a favorite.


Here's 'The Change-Up' Trailer You Can Watch With The Whole Family

What this version of the trailer lacks in outright profanity, it more than makes up for in bodily functions. It's a little less tawdry than the original red-band trailer we showed you, but don't worry, there's still liquid poop flying in Jason Bateman's eyes and talk of the lovemaking positions "The Arsenio Hall" and "Arabian Goggles." The Change-Up will cause you to forget everything you ever knew about mind-transfer comedies, which, if you're born after 1985, shouldn't be too difficult. Beyond that, this trailer is pretty similar to the one from before. But don't dismiss it entirely. Let it serve as another reminder that you should never make wishes in front of unfamiliar statues. Because they might grant them. And then you might inherit your friend's body and life, neither of which are as good as Ryan Reynolds'. I promise you.


This Hannibal Season 3 Trailer Will Creep You Out For The Rest Of The Day

Maybe the week? Certainly through lunch. While a Hannibal TV show sounded like a pretty terrible idea when it was announced three or so years ago, we're comfortable saying that we were wrong in our criticism, and the show is great. It's creepy, far more brutal than we would expect a network drama to be, and it's captivating. Good writing, good acting, nicely stylized. It's as good as network dramas have ever gotten. So why wouldn't we be excited for season 3? Without spoiling too much, season 2 ended with a lot of carnage, so you'll want to see how that played out. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then, for God's sake, start watching Hannibal.


Allow The New Trailer For David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' To Creep You Out A Little More

We've already gleaned the plot of Gone Girl from the earlier trailer: Questions surround a husband's (Ben Affleck) involvement in the wake of his wife's murder. It's creepy, it's based on a book that supposedly has a pretty interesting twist, and it's David Fincher, so you know you'll be put through the ringer before it's resolved. However, did you know that during this whole ride, we're going to get a dose of Neil Patrick Harris as a creepy, possible-murderer? That's a twist in and of itself. Check out the trailer and watch America's sweetheart completely upend his wholesome image.


I Could Stare At This Picture Of The Fake George Lucas All Day Long

He's as good as the real thing. Ok. The picture is pretty much the punchline, and we've spoiled that, but let's spend a second giving credit where credit is due. The guy playing George Lucas is Josh Robert Thompson. He's an impressionist who's done Lucas for years. He went to the Star Wars fan convention and picked a fight with one of his own creations, and held up signs that defended his revisionist assertion that Greedo shot first. It's all pretty damn funny, if only because Lucas is a funny dude. I think that this guy better watch himself at these conventions, because for every fan that loves him, there's probably another one that wants to hurt him for the digital tinkering of the show. (A.V. Club)