Ryan Reynolds 'Buried' Alive for Your Amusement (Trailer)

If you've ever wanted to put Ryan Reynolds in a coffin, then we've got a trailer for you. Reynolds stars in Buried, the story of a man who wakes up in a coffin and must use his cell phone to piece together who put him there, why, and how he can escape. It's kind of like Oldboy meets Phone Booth, with a hint of The Proposal thrown in for the ladies. (Collider) Watch Ryan Reynolds squirm around in a coffin after the jump.

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'Buried' International Trailer

The new international trailer for Buried may cause claustrophobia and an overall icky feeling. It shows much more than the previous trailer, which could be a good or bad thing depending on you feel about being buried in a coffin six feet under ground. Considering that's a personal nightmare of mine...I loved it! Any trailer that makes me piss myself must be doing something right. The story follows a private contractor (Ryan Reynolds) who is kidnapped in Iraq and buried with only a phone and a lighter. He has 90 minutes to solve how the eff to get out before he dies. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this film at Fantastic Fest later this month, as everyone who had the opportunity to screen it at this past Sundance raved about it, in between their taunts of, "Ooooh, look at me. I'm at Sundance." Sorry, but SOME of us can't tolerate thin air! Watch Ryan Reynolds get buried below below... Buried International Trailer - Watch more Funny Videos


Shameless Plug: Watch This Trailer For 'Coffin' Or I'll Kill You

Your studio apartment doesn't seem so small anymore, does it? When you're dealing with a film about someon buried underground, you'd expect that comparisons to last year's Buried would abound. Well what you expect is wrong, so shut up about it. Coffin doesn't take place entirely underground, but rather features a more familiar "ticking clock" scenario in which the protagonist has 75 minutes to get his wife out of the coffin before the air runs out and she dies. The studio sums the premise up thusly: A masked stranger reveals to Jack that his estranged wife and her lover are buried underground in a wooden box and their oxygen will run out in 75 minutes. He must engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the masked stranger in order to save his wife...and himself. Coffin stars Kevin Sorbo, Bruce Davison, Johnny Alonso, Patrick Barnitt, Sunny Doench, Moksha McPherrin, Candace Kita, Andrena Senola, Johnson Barnett and Luke Barnett. In the interest of full disclosure, it was written, produced, and co-directed by Kipp Tribble, who has written for Screen Junkies in the past, but has moved on and left the rest of us here to rot in the bowels of the Internet. Thanks, Kipp.


Ryan Reynolds Gets All Alien In ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer

Warner Bros. has dropped the trailer for The Green Lantern! ...With Espanol subtitles. Ryan Reynolds plays a test pilot who receives a ring from a dying alien that lets him create anything he wants with green energy. He then gets cocky, but soon learns that he shouldn't get so cocky. Warner Bros. has dropped the trailer for The Green Lantern! ...With Espanol subtitles. The version without the funny words at the bottom of the screen will be released later tonight. In the film directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), Ryan Reynolds plays a test pilot who receives a ring from a dying alien that lets him create anything he wants with green energy. He then gets cocky, but soon learns that he shouldn't get so cocky. Blake Lively looks hot and Peter Sarsgaard's head is huge because he's evil. That about cover it? **Returns to sudoku puzzle**


Ben Kingsley Wants Ryan Reynolds' Body In 'Selfless' Trailer

Join the club. Mmm-rrrawww!!! Imagine being stuck in the very gross and old body of Sir Ben Kingsley. All of your attempts to throw epic campus ragers would be met with raised eyebrows and skeeved out coeds. To remedy this, Selfless has Kingsley implant his brain into the empty vessel that is Ryan Reynolds' body. Thus, he gets to enjoy all of the motor-boating the healthy young body affords him. And he gets to get out on the lake too. No release date has been announced but I'm already amped for the sequel where Patrick Stewart mind-melds with Kal Penn in Selfless: The Rise of Taj.


Spike Lee's Take On 'Oldboy' Has A Trailer!

"Revenge is a dish best served cold(boy)." That's what I would put on the poster. Taking on a film as beloved as Oldboy is no easy feat. Do you stick to what worked in the first one or offer your own twist, putting your signature on the remake, but risking alienating fans of the original? It appears here that Spike Lee stuck pretty closely to the aesthetic and thematic elements of the first one, with just enough of Spike's signature style to call it his own. It looks like Oldboy, and with such a strong cast, perhaps we should should upgrade the prognosis for this film from cautiously optimistic to excited.


'The Voices' Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Talks To His Pets...And Murders People

But his pets are the ones telling him to murder! The biggest takeaway from The Voices trailer is in the title of this article: Ryan Reynolds talks to his pets (who talk back) and his pets tell him to kill people. HOWEVER, there is still more information to be gleaned. He works at a box factory (or something), yet somehow manages to score Anna Kendrick. And that's pretty much it. This is the type of movie that either appeals to you or doesn't. Also, it seems like this would have been an ideal Jim Carrey black comedy in the early 2000's, and Ryan Reynolds seems to play it with the same intensity. (Vulture)


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‘The Change-Up’ Trailer: A Bateman/Reynolds Body Switch

In the vein of 'Vice Versa' and 'Like Father, Like Son' comes another awesome mind-transfer movie, only without dads and sons. The Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds comedy The Change-Up has a trailer. Which is good, because we were getting a little sick of staring at this one image for the past few months. The film features one of my favorite plot devices - the 'ole mind/body switch-a-roo. In this instance, Reynolds is the carefree bachelor while Bateman is a Michael Bluth-type family man. They envy each other, get struck by lightning, switch bodies, and hilarity ensues. How do I know hilarity ensues? I don't, but it's an educated guess. The film is directed by the helmer of Wedding Crashers and written by The Hangover guys. Call it a hunch. We've also got a poster for you. It would appear that both men are having threesomes, only Jason Bateman's is with babies. Pretty edgy stuff.