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Rose McGowan Is Red Sonja

Robert Rodriguez is producing Red Sonja and Rose McGowan is going to play the lead. Wait, why is Rose McGowan playing Red Sonja? Oh right, her boyfriend is producing the movie. It’s way easier to land a role if you’re already nailing the person in charge of casting.

McGowan’s assets on display in new poster (Filmdrunk)


England used to have some awesome TV (HolyTaco)


SNL Digital Short: Everyone’s A Critic (NBC)


Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (Comingsoon)


Trailer for Bana’s Love The Beast online (Empire)


James Bond: 18 Best Death Scenes (EW)


Robot Chicken returns to Star Wars roost (Wired)


TiVo+Domino’s: Adventures in laziness (AVClub)










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