Ron Burgundy Is Even Doing Curling Coverage To Promote 'Anchorman'

Brick strikes me as a curling enthusiast. In case you were unaware (like, if you hadn't been in front of a TV in three months), there's going to be a new Anchorman film coming out 'round Christmastime. And, saturation points be damned, Will Ferrell is going to keep promoting that fact until he keels over or the film becomes the new Titanic. His most recent stop was a curling tournament in Winnipeg. Which is just random enough to make perfect sense. We don't have footage of the event, as it seems to have been taken down off YouTube, but we've got this.

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Ron Burgundy For Fandango's 'AnchorMan 2' SuperTicket

It's quite a formidable package, Jack. With Ron Burgundy out there promoting every North American brand under the sun and hosting European Awards Shows, it's high time that he get around to promoting his own product -- The Fandango Anchorman 2 SuperTicket. Here, the world's finest newsman explains the benefits of the SuperTicket and it sounds like something that's going to make the missus quite happy. On a sidenote, is anyone else concerned that Will Ferrell won't be able to go back to being Will Ferrell after all of these Ron Burgundy appearances end? That man is deeply, deeply entrenched and, at the very least, that mustache glue must leave a pretty serious rash.


Watch An Entire North Dakota Newscast Starring...Ron Burgundy

It doesn't have a lot of Burgundy, but the Burgundy it does have is gold. Ron Burgundy crashed a newscast for Bismarck, ND last night, and while he only got about 90 seconds of spotlight during the 30-minute newscast, it was pretty damn fun. While he played the whole thing pretty aloof, without being too hammy, his "I have no idea," when asked a question going to commercial stuck out as the funniest bit to me. His co-anchor, regular Amber Schatz, had a hard time keeping it together during the entirety of the broadcast, though it's not clear if her amusement was rom Burgundy, or the painfully funny banality of North Dakota news. Anyway, take a look. It's not like you don't have a free half-hour today.


The Ron Burgundy Dodge Ads Are Selling A Ton Of Cars

I once bought term life insurance because of a 'Reno 911' infomercial. No I didn't. Ron Burgundy is the balls. That's never, ever been disputed. But when we examined HOW he was the balls, we just recently came across with a facet of his personality that we never knew about: his inner salesman. Since the awesomely ubiquitous (at least if you watch sports) Ron Burgundy Dodge ads started airing a couple months ago, the car manufacturer has seen some crazy-huge increases in sales. For instance, October sales went up 59% for the Durango, which is pretty impressive. Maybe he could fix Syria and the fractured nature of the two-party system when he's done selling these sweet rides.


The Times Are A-Changin' In 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' Trailer. Also, Scorpions

R.I.P. Sweet Brick. This newest trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues slices off a big piece of plot detail. As Father Time rolls the clock from 1979 to 1980, Ron Burgundy must also roll with the changes as he fails upward into the world of cable news. However if you're looking for more details about how the News Team ends up getting attacked by airborne scorpions or the situation that causes Ron to force feed a gallon of milk to a shark, you'll have to see the film when it opens on Christmas Day. Speaking of Christmas, I know what I want. That RV with a painting of Ron and Jesus on the side. If the RV is not available, I'll settle for a t-shirt with that pairing. But it had better be a really comfortable t-shirt because I don't intend to ever take it off.


'Anchorman 2' Trailer – MAKE ME LAUGH, DAMMIT!

That escalated slowly! Wait. I screwed that up. Shit. As we learned over a year ago on Conan, Anchorman is coming back with more of the same. And in no way is that depressing. All of our old favorites will be returning as well as a few new faces appearing as Ron, brick, Champ, and Brian run amok around NYC, trying to make their way in the face of the rise of cable news. I'm sure it will be more interesting than the second part of that sentence makes it sound.


Curl Up With 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Trailer

I never knew reading could be so much fun! That old so-and-so David Fincher has done it again. Here's our first in-depth look at the plot of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which is good if you are not one of the millions reading the Steig Larsson novel on their commute to work last year. The story begins with Rooney Mara's Lisbeth investigating Daniel Craig's journalist Mikael for a group of employers who want to hire him to investigate a 40-year old cold case. Mikael in turn hires Lisbeth to aid him in his investigation. Without having read the story, I'd say that Christopher Plummer totally did it. Or Warlock. I've never trusted either of those guys. All in all, it's an exciting trailer that builds the mystery while introducing the characters without slowing down the action. Mara and Craig have an undeniable chemistry. I'm really looking forward to when this film gets adapted into a weekly procedural on ABC starring Ron Eldard and Joanna Garcia.