Robert Pattinson Breaks Circus Law In New ‘Water For Elephants’ Trailer

When you break a circus law, you pay the circus price. When yo break a circus law, you pay the circus price. And circus court is on a fast-moving circus train. Also: circuses. Here's another trailer for the Robert Pattinson / Reese Witherspoon romantic period drama Water For Elephants. In the trailer, we see that Pattinson's parents both die suddenly, so naturally my first reaction was, "does he become a Batman?" Sadly, no. The would-be doctor joins the circus, makes the wife of the circus boss (Witherspoon) a Team Edward die-hard and trouble ensues. Director Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) helmed the adaptation of author Sara Gruen's book. Water For Elephants drives its clown car into theaters April 22nd. Will Twilight fans in theaters scream "Bella" every time Pattinson kisses Witherspoon? It's a risk I'm not interested in taking.